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Top 5 Easy Fixes to Make Your Computer Run Faster

When you get a new computer you are no doubt delighted by its speed, agility, and handling. But over time your machine can become noticeably slower, and this is due to a number of issues.

However, there are several strategies you may try to get things moving.

Here are just a few of the easiest fixes that are almost certain to deliver a faster user experience.


How to Improve the Speed of Your Video Downloads

In this day and age, nearly everyone operates in some capacity in the online arena, whether they use the resources on the worldwide web for communications, information, business, or entertainment. And many of us have by now discovered the joys of downloading free videos online.

You can get clips from YouTube of cats playing the piano, share personal videos with family and friends, watch TV shows, stream live performances, and even download entire films to watch at your leisure. But this unparalleled access to entertainment options does not come without a few drawbacks.

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