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Sony Xperia S – Sony Back in the Game

The first device to be released by post-Ericsson Sony, the Xperia S enters the smartphone market with a thing or two to boast about.

Given that this field is more crowded than ever before – with manufacturers seemingly working without recess to churn out as many variants of Desires, Galaxies and Bolds as is humanly possible – it’s just as well, too.

The Xperia S was unveiled at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the specs have been met with wonderment in some quarters.

Xperia S New Generation Smartphone from Sony with Super Unique Design

Sony Xperia SSony recently announced their new generation smart phone, Sony Xperia S at the CEO show, which is already in great demand because of its unique, stylized design and an impressive stipulation.

The model of the phone is due to be launched next month, in February 2012.

Xperia S will be a major release from the Sony Company and a lot of expectations are bound with this unique phone itself.

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