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Gartner’s Predictions for IT Trends in 2013

Each year technology companies launch some new product or service touted as the next big thing, poised to revolutionize its particular market.

The fall of 2012 is shaping up to be particularly exciting in the computing world, with Apple recently introducing their iPad Mini, the smaller and more affordable version of their industry-leading tablet, and Microsoft’s upcoming release of the complete relaunch of its operating system, Windows 8. Each of those releases should make a real impact in personal computing, but what about in the world of information technology?

New Google+ Features for Businesses

Most people use the various social media platforms to keep up with their friends, create and publicize events, catch up on breaking news and post and comment upon the silliest memes on the internet.

But Google+, one of the newest and probably least understood social networking sites, plans to distinguish itself from the others by focusing on the needs of business.

According to an announcement released by Google on Wednesday, Google+ will be integrating deeply with Google Apps, to expand the practical uses of the large but still underused social network. Google Apps brings together calendar, document and spreadsheet services that are all fully controlled and stored online.

What is Social Media Analytics ?

If you blog, you probably use Google Analytics.

It’s how you track and monitor incoming traffic. It’s also how you gauge traffic-related strengths and weaknesses so you can take steps to grow your audience.

But what about social media analytics? Who needs them, and when is the right time to choose a solution?

And with so many options available for organizations large and small, how do you know which analytics application is right for you?

While advanced social media analytics may not be for everyone, even a basic reporting tool can help you understand how well your approach is working.

Social Media Infographic Showing Interesting Usage Patterns

social networking usage infographicAs a lover of infographics, we could not ignore this one published on It show the demographic data associated with users of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

We can see comparisons between various popular social networking sites as well as a distribution of hits in different countries and number of users by age.

I found it interesting to see that males are more active on these sites when they’re young while females are active on these sites when they grow older.

Very interesting to analyze and for people into internet marketing, a nice view of your audience.

Some Mind Boggling Facts About Social Media That Will Open Your Eyes


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