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Apple Files New iPhone Patent to Hide Internal Components

Apple continues to dominate the world of technology by focusing their efforts on sleek design and a strong user experience.

After all, there are plenty of other computers, tablets and smartphones on the market that execute complex applications, take photographs with high-quality cameras, and allow users to connect to Wi-Fi networks and surf the internet from anywhere in the world.

But Apple puts itself over the top because their operating system works intuitively, without requiring almost any computing knowledge whatsoever, and its devices bring design to a whole new level.

Smartphones Overtaking Handheld Games

Smartphones GamesSmartphones Overtaking Handheld Games

With more and more people obtaining mobile devices every day, it’s no surprise that they are looking to get everything they possibly can out of their phones.

Smartphones have become popular choices when getting a mobile device for their wide range of functionality.

One thing many people use these phones for is to play games.

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