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How Does the Motion Detection in XBOX Kinect Works?

Microsoft Kinnect

We all know about the arrival of a revolutionary Microsoft’s XBOX Kinect, but do you know how it actually works? Let’s check it out.


The camera in Kinect is powered by both software and hardware. It actually does two things:

1. Generating a 3D moving image which is there in the field view
2. Recognizing the human beings or the objects which are present in its line of sight

The older versions of the software programs used to get the differences in the color as well as texture. It actually distinguished the color backgrounds as the camera detected by transmitting invisible infrared light and then measuring the time of flight parameter after getting reflected from the objects.


Ubisoft Releases Child of Eden – Next Generation Shooter Game for Kinnect

child of eden

Ubisoft finally reveals one truly promising new game called the Child of Eden which is a visual treat for eyes and takes you into a completely different mind-blowing kaleidoscopic world. Child of Eden is a truly modern shooter from Ubisoft brings you into the world of artificial intelligence.

This game is created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (better known as ‘Miz’), the renowned Japanese game maestro who also created Rez, another fabulous game.


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