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How to Get and Play Angry Birds Clone on Linux

Are you using Linux, and badly want to play a version of the famous game Angry Birds on your computer? Personally, I have it on Android (classic version and Rio) and honestly, I love it! Its super addictive and quite a fun.

But for Linux users, you’ll have to settle for a clone rather than the actual game which is very close to the orginal game and its spirit. It does not really have those small birds, but all kinds of animals (sheep, pigs … etc).

Since the game is very similar to Angry Birds, you should not be hurt! This is a SWF which a developer has created using a small script that will run in the SWF flash player. If everything goes well, a directory will be created (and normally a shortcut, which i did not find) to make a game a little more accessible from the “desktop”.

10 Places Where It’s Unexpected To Find Linux Running

omaha steaks

The open source wave is catching up slowly and governments as well as businesses are realizing it’s power. The most well known open source software that we know about is definitely Linux. Its really a boon that such great piece of software is available to us for free. Just because of the cost advantage it is definitely a good idea to check it out before you decide to go with any setup. Here are some places which have adopted Linux over Windows.

Virgin America

According to CrunchGear, Richard Branson’s Virgin America also uses Linux to run its in-flight entertainment system. It is known to use Red Hat and Fedora and chosen specifically due to its agility and stability which was proven after four years of testing.

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