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Best Graphic Book Apps for iPhone

Graphic novels (a slightly more upmarket name for a comic book, or a comic book collection) have been coming on in leaps and bounds over the past twenty or thirty years, with critical and mainstream acceptance, as well as film adaptations, for the best of them, like Sin City and Watchmen.

Smartphones don’t just offer a new platform for enjoying your favorite graphic novels – they also offer brand new possibilities, mostly to do with adding multimedia features and easily accessible further reading resources.

We take a look at five of the best graphic books apps for iPhone 4S, including some that go beyond just adding multimedia to comics, and offer more of an interactive documentary approach.

Top 5 Sports Games for the iPhone 4S

top sports games for iPhone 4sTop 5 Sports Games for the iPhone 4S

For smartphone owners of all ages, from restless children on the school bus to stressed businesspeople riding the subway, passing the time by playing interactive games is one of the device’s most useful functions.

The cutting edge entertainment options afforded by Apple’s iPhone 4S include an impressive assortment of sports games that are fun for all variety of users.

With its high resolution screen and crystal clear graphic displays, the iPhone 4S allows smartphone users to enjoy a high quality, sports game experience no matter where they happen to be.

5 Best Games for the iPhone 4S

best games for iphone 4s5 Best Games for the iPhone 4S

There has been a lot of competition in the marketplace for Apple, with Sony and Samsung developing smartphones much more attractive to gamers looking to replicate their console experience on the go.

What has held Apple back is the single core processor still in evidence on the iPhone 4. However, with the iPhone 4S, this looks to change.

Not only is there the new processor that brings the handset up to date with its competitors but the A5 chip and iOS 5 means gameplay will be faster with cleaner, crisper graphics.

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