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What Is Known So Far About the iPad Mini

There may be nothing more hotly-anticipated by the tech crowd than the latest releases from Apple. Steve Jobs turned their new product announcements into major press events, and the company continues to roll out exciting upgrades and accessories even after his passing.

Rumors have been flying for months about the upcoming new editions of the massively popular iPhone and iPad, as each are expected to enter the market on September 12th.

Apple has been mum about the upgrades, even as many experts suggest a smaller iPad will compete with leaner, cheaper tablet devices from Amazon and Google.

12 Low Priced Alternatives for An IPad

ipad alternativesOkay people; stop lusting after the iPad 2 already if you can’t afford one! Check out our list of 12 low priced tablets. Then ask yourself if still want to shell out 600+ USD Apple’s iPad.

Under USD 200

Honestly, we’re not kidding. Here’s a bunch of tablets (yes, real tablets), under 200 USD.

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Classic Battle Waiting to Unfold

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy TabIt is interesting to see that everyone around is trying to invade the territory which has long been dominated by Apple.

Numerous attempts have been made but none of them manage to challenge the authority of Apple except one – yes, the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab.

At the very first look, you may be deceived by its harmless and sleek appearance but as we all know appearance can be deceptive and this is quite true with Samsung.

How To Choose The Right Apple iPad For You

apple ipadApple iPad is a wonderful small yet powerful device with many features and a stylish look. The options available with iPad are so much that one could get easily confused on which iPad will be the most appropriate for him. Here is a little guide on how to make an appropriate choice for the iPad which you will carry!


1. Amount of Storage

The first parameter to decide upon is the amount of storage space which you will need. What are your usage plans for iPad? Do you want to use it as a digital picture frame and keep a lot of pics of friends and family? Or do you want to keep a lot of games and apps? Or are you a writer and want lots of your articles stuff? All these depend on the type of work you do and thus according to it, you can decide the space.

Gmail : iPad Version Launched!

ipad gmail launched

Gmail on ipad

Gmail being the most popular mail client, is all ready for its debut on Apple iPad. Now checking your gmail in a jiffy on 9.7 inch ipad is now easy. This launch of gmail – ipad version can make you think whether these two giants are still on the cold war!

Basically, gmail’s new interface which is of course two pane is quite attractive. On the left side, the emails are listed and has conversations. And on the right pane the messages are displayed. May be this reminds you of the old version of Microsoft outlook. All the main features of Gmail Web application have been incorporated in this ipad version too.

This is not the final version of gmail for ipad, as google will keep on updating the feature list in future too. This will be done as and when more and more tablets make their way in the market.


Apple Releases a List of iPad Ready Sites

For sites to be viewed on iPad they have to be built using HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. Only then the sites will be able to do justice to the features that iPad supports.

On Thursday, iPad released a list of such sites. Instead of linking to these sites Apple decided to put on screen shots using the Safari browser.

Some of the sites that are listed on Apple’s site include: (more…)

Apple iPad Review by PC Magazine

iPad all set to be launched on April 3rd. It seems to be great except for a few features which we discussed in our previous posts. One stealth way of using it as a photo frame sounds interesting. (more…)

Top 5 Reasons For Not Buying an Apple iPad

CNET, recently shared this video after evaluating the Apple iPad. Apple expects iPad to be the next hottest gadget but industry experts have a different view.

According to CNET, here are the top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPad:

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