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Internet Browser Market Share [Infographic]

internet browsersThree of the most used browsers in the market namely Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are coming up with there new beta versions. Each of them have some or the other compelling features that make them stand apart from the whole bunch of not so known ones.

Some of the common features which are on the cards for there new version of IE includes a faster JavaScript engine, additions in hardware acceleration and HTML5 support. Firefox is preparing itself with multi-touch support on windows 7 and Chrome is planning to add form autofill, autofil synchronization and plus extension.

The browsers preferences have changed from time to time. Internet explorer was the leader in 2002 capturing 85% of the market is used by just a little over 32% of the internet population today. Let us have a closer look at the journey and life of each of these popular browsers with the help of this infographic.

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