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New Google+ Features for Businesses

Most people use the various social media platforms to keep up with their friends, create and publicize events, catch up on breaking news and post and comment upon the silliest memes on the internet.

But Google+, one of the newest and probably least understood social networking sites, plans to distinguish itself from the others by focusing on the needs of business.

According to an announcement released by Google on Wednesday, Google+ will be integrating deeply with Google Apps, to expand the practical uses of the large but still underused social network. Google Apps brings together calendar, document and spreadsheet services that are all fully controlled and stored online.

Google Fiber Set to Release This Week

Although Google has never focused on hardware outside of their support of Android smartphones, their dominance in the software market remains significant.

Gmail is one of the top email platforms in the world, and Google’s calendars, file sharing services and cloud storage offerings are widely popular. Add that to their industry leading search engine and ownership of Youtube, the most visited website on the planet, and you’ve got a true dominance of the online world.

With all that strength, it is surprising that Apple continues to beat them in consumer loyalty. But Apple has managed to create a fierce anticipation of each new product offering, based on their yearly launches chaired by the late Steve Jobs.

Google+: Why It’s Here to Stay

google plusWith its introduction just over a month ago, Google+ is the newest social media experience with the most potential available on the web.

The site grew rapidly since its launch, reaching 25 million members in just one month. Improved features and a sleek, streamlined look sets up Google+ for success now and into the future.

The best and one of the easiest features on Google+ is the new way of organizing your “friends” or “followers.” Instead of a long list of people created manually or set up by network, Google+ lets you customize when you add a contact into specific categories.

How to Access The Old Google Interface

There has been a lot of hue and cry over the new google interface. You must have notices it by now and the details could be found in our previous post.

A lot of people have not taken this face lift positively and would like to still access the old Interface of Google. Yes, you can still do it without any hacks or scripts. It very simple. Instead of typing just make

your new home page and through this URL you can use the same old Google which you are used to.

Google User Inteface Redesigned

Google LogoTill now we loved Google because of its simple and clean approach. This search engine has been known for removing every extra word from its search interface from its homepage and results page. But, by now you must have noticed the new design which shows a couple of extra options on the left hand side of the results page.

There are a couple of options through which you can either narrow or widen the search results displayed. This interface looks a lot similar to Bing which has the search results displayed at the center and on the left panel there is a menu to help the user narrow his search.

Google Search Appliance (GSA) – An Ultimate Tool to Search Your Intranet

How many times have we wished that we could have something like Google in our own firm? Google Search Appliance is a great device that could help enterprises to dig through billions of files, documents and various kinds of data present on your company’s fileservers and intranet. Google Search appliance can also index and store information on databases like SQL Server, Oracle etc.

10 Places Where It’s Unexpected To Find Linux Running

omaha steaks

The open source wave is catching up slowly and governments as well as businesses are realizing it’s power. The most well known open source software that we know about is definitely Linux. Its really a boon that such great piece of software is available to us for free. Just because of the cost advantage it is definitely a good idea to check it out before you decide to go with any setup. Here are some places which have adopted Linux over Windows.

Virgin America

According to CrunchGear, Richard Branson’s Virgin America also uses Linux to run its in-flight entertainment system. It is known to use Red Hat and Fedora and chosen specifically due to its agility and stability which was proven after four years of testing.

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