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Tech and Auto Companies Work to Bring the Internet to Your Car

It seems like all anyone wants to talk about these days when it comes to automobiles is the concept of the connected car.

And nearly every major automaker has joined the race to produce the first real contender. Sure there are already plenty of vehicles on the market that feature hands-free, Bluetooth technology, along with in-dash infotainment options (navigation plus music and video functionality, for example).

But if you’ve heard any of the buzz pertaining to some of the concept cars popping up at auto shows across the globe, you know that cars of the future are slated to feature everything from dashboards that charge your devices wirelessly, to cars that can interface with your home and office computers (not to mention the computers in nearby cars and other buildings), to hands-free, talk-to-text functions that will allow you to read your texts, tweets, and even web pages without ever having to look at a screen.

But those days are a long way off…aren’t they? (more…)

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