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New Google+ Features for Businesses

Most people use the various social media platforms to keep up with their friends, create and publicize events, catch up on breaking news and post and comment upon the silliest memes on the internet.

But Google+, one of the newest and probably least understood social networking sites, plans to distinguish itself from the others by focusing on the needs of business.

According to an announcement released by Google on Wednesday, Google+ will be integrating deeply with Google Apps, to expand the practical uses of the large but still underused social network. Google Apps brings together calendar, document and spreadsheet services that are all fully controlled and stored online.

How to Identify Facebook Viruses, Worms and Fake Links

facebook virusFacebook always seems to have a lot of problems with the so-called Facebook worms/viruses. These are links or videos that automatically publish on your wall when you visit one of these pages.

Normally, the user must take care on his part to avoid these auto publishing links and cautiously click on these items. Facebook seems to be really incapable of handling this problem because these Facebook worms/viruses keep appearing from time to time.

The only thing that can prevent you from getting affected is not to click, post, like these links.

Here is a nice graphic that explains the how to recognize these fake videos and links:

5 Basic Steps To Protect Your Privacy On Facebook

Facebook PrivacyProtecting your privacy is of paramount importance on any social networking site. The new incarnation of Facebook had to face great deal of criticism because people using it felt robbed of their privacy. However, though it still is appealing enough for you to hang on to it and stay in touch with your buddies, while at the same it time it tempts you to navigate through the numerous applications it offers. You should take some time to go through these privacy tips which can prove quite handy for any Facebook user:

1. Use Facebook Lists

“Everyone”, according to Facebook’s own website means the entire internet, not just all face book users. What? You didn’t know that? Well, now you do. So learn to use one of the most underrated tools on Facebook- the list function.


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