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Cloud Computing Tips for College Students

College students have enough on their plates without having to worry about getting overcharged for their cloud services or having their backup storage fail at a critical moment (like finals week).

In truth, most students are likely unaware of the many benefits (and potential drawbacks) that exist in the arena of cloud computing. Since it is still a relatively new development in the world of online storage and communications, it is improving all the time. But this can make it difficult for busy students to keep up with which cloud networks offer the most useful services at the best price.

Cable Providers Work on Cloud Based Gaming for Customers

Not since the days when cable television first came on the scene, giving audiences an alternative to the small handful of powerful networks has there been such stiff competition for eyeballs in the entertainment industry.

People have more choices than ever before, with at least twenty new films opening each week on top of countless television shows, albums, live events, online promotions and video games. Does anyone even have time for a face-to-face conversation these days? In addition to the myriad of choices people can make about how they spend their time, there’s also the huge variety of platforms used to access that entertainment.

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud storage has made managing expanding amounts of data much easier and cheaper for businesses large and small. But how safe is it?

Most of the large cloud storage providers use the highest level of online security measures, but a quick look at technology news will show you that those large companies are still often hacked by savvy internet criminals.

Millions of accounts across all types of sites are often accessed, giving hackers tons of personal data that can be used in terrifying ways.

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