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Tech Expenses That Businesses Shouldn’t Skimp On

Technology plays such an important role in business today that it’s difficult to imagine how anyone could have run a company before the advent of the internet, personal computers, and cellular phones.

Indeed, technology has changed every aspect of our lives from the significant to the mundane. Smart phones are now as ubiquitous as wrist watches, and people are more tuned in to technology than ever before.

What this means for businesses is that there are several tech expenses that simply can’t be skimped on.

How Technology Is Improving Your Dining Out Experience

Technology is changing the way we do things in bigger and more significant ways than ever before. Of course, this kind of revolution has been at work for the last couple of decades, as technology has continued to improve upon itself in apparently exponential leaps and bounds. It’s easy to look around and see the ways that technology has improved our lives and given us newer, more efficient ways to do the things that we already do and need to do on a regular basis. What’s interesting, however, is to think about the ways that these technological developments and advancements are changing and shaping the businesses and establishments that we solicit on a day-to-day basis. In fact, many of the businesses and services that we make consistent use of have adopted some of these brand new technologies, and some of them in ways that have exciting and neat implications to the consumer. (more…)

Five Ways Technology Is Hurting Your Bottom Line

The American Institute of CPAs conducted and interesting and enlightening study about how technology affects most Americans’ finances.

Their results clearly demonstrate that even though technological advances have made life much more convenient, they’ve also made life more expensive.

During an economic downturn, the few extra dollars that technology costs you can really have an impact on your quality of life.

Fortunately, being aware of the hidden costs of the digital age is the first step to curbing them. You may never be able to (or even want to) unplug entirely, but there may be some habits you can kick to save your family a couple bucks. (more…)

How to Locate Open Source Software Alternatives on the Internet

There seems to be a continual buzz stirring as it relates to the benefits of downloading open source software as opposed to purchasing the more commercialized (which is oftentimes simply another word for “expensive”) brands of software.

However, hearing about how great the alternatives are as opposed to actually knowing where to find them are two different matters entirely.

Honestly, when it comes to narrowing down the many (many) options that are out in cyberspace is mostly a matter of knowing the kind of software that you’re looking for and typing that in your favorite search engine along with “open source alternative”.

How to Find the Right IT Service Management Tool

Information technology is an important element to almost every successful business.

The larger the business, the more expansive the IT department. And the phrase that seems to be on every IT professional’s mind these days is service management.

Since the goal of IT is streamlining every conceivable process, most people prefer some sort of integrated tool for service management. But how do you choose the right one?

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