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How to Add a Podcast to Your Website or Blog

There are all kinds of things to think about when it comes to planning the layout, design, components, and inception of your website or blog.

You need to consider the technical aspects (boxes, buttons, and links, for example), the logistics (domain name, web host, etc.), and of course, the content.

For most people, this last portion is what they’re thinking about through the whole process, and it generally includes information about whatever they’re selling (products, services, or merely ideas) in the form of text, as well as graphics (and graphic elements) that enhance their written content and add some visual appeal.

10 Important Tech Tips for Bloggers

tips for bloggersBlogging is a very popular form of self-expression these days, with new advancements happening all the time.

Blogs can be great places to find information, feedback, and viewpoints on various topics.

If you are a blogger who is looking for some handy tech tips, look no further than the following list.

These tips will help you with a variety of common blogging tasks and issues.

10 Essential Blogging Tools for Every Blogger Should Use

Every blogger has a style of blogging and a specific set of blogging tools they use. I’ve tried to compile a list of such blogging tools that every blogger must know and start using.

1. Paper and pencil

Seems very simple but yet very powerful blogging tool to take notes and write articles. As soon as you’ve time and an inspiration comes in your mind (For example: waiting for a taxi, watching television, etc) just take a note using a paper and a pencil

2. Royalty Free Image Websites and are two popular websites where you can search Royalty free images to illustrate in your articles. There are other photo sites at affordable prices too which you can use in your articles like


How to Make Money with your Blog

Blogging isn’t something that will earn you money with few days or even months. Its takes a lot of time to actually turn blogging into a profitable business. (more…)

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