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Apple Files New iPhone Patent to Hide Internal Components

Apple continues to dominate the world of technology by focusing their efforts on sleek design and a strong user experience.

After all, there are plenty of other computers, tablets and smartphones on the market that execute complex applications, take photographs with high-quality cameras, and allow users to connect to Wi-Fi networks and surf the internet from anywhere in the world.

But Apple puts itself over the top because their operating system works intuitively, without requiring almost any computing knowledge whatsoever, and its devices bring design to a whole new level.

What Is Known So Far About the iPad Mini

There may be nothing more hotly-anticipated by the tech crowd than the latest releases from Apple. Steve Jobs turned their new product announcements into major press events, and the company continues to roll out exciting upgrades and accessories even after his passing.

Rumors have been flying for months about the upcoming new editions of the massively popular iPhone and iPad, as each are expected to enter the market on September 12th.

Apple has been mum about the upgrades, even as many experts suggest a smaller iPad will compete with leaner, cheaper tablet devices from Amazon and Google.

Is the New iPad Too Expensive?

A recent survey from ChangeWave has shown that despite high ratings overall, the price of the iPad is still something of an issue.

It should be said at the outset that millions of consumers are fully prepared to shell out the $500+ for the Retina-bearing tablet.

Record sales in the first weekend prove that conclusively.

But this does not change the fact that many tablet owners (and some would-be tablet owners as well) would prefer it if the tablet sold for a little less.

3 Pieces of Free Mac Software No Apple Owner Should Be Without

mac softwareThere are a whole bunch of apps available on the Mac app store and places like some of which are useful and some of which less than useful.

With more and more former PC users picking up Mac’s for the first time often I get the question “what software should I install?” well here is the definitive answer, 3 pieces of software every Mac owner should Install right away.

1. VLC Media Player

Out of the box Mac’s come with Quicktime and Itunes and while Itunes is fine for audio Quicktime tries to make you update to a premium version to play any file that isn’t in a Quicktime format.

Top 5 Reasons For Not Buying an Apple iPad

CNET, recently shared this video after evaluating the Apple iPad. Apple expects iPad to be the next hottest gadget but industry experts have a different view.

According to CNET, here are the top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPad:

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