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Are Tablets the Future of Education?

Technology is playing a larger and larger part in the world of education, and this hardly comes as any kind of surprise.

Recent advancements have seen stunning innovations in consumer technology becoming available at more and more affordable price points. Just this year, Google introduced its Nexus 7 tablet computer.

Boasting a 16 gigabyte hard drive and technical specifications that rival the dominant species in the tablet community, Apple’s iPad, the Nexus features a 7-inch display and a gigabyte of RAM.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Mobile App

Getting into the world of app development is an exciting new frontier that can be a veritable gold mine for many up and coming entrepreneurs.

The most popular apps have earned their developers uncountable riches both from paid downloads in the marketplace and product placement for the true big shots.

There’s no doubt about it; there is serious potential in this market. However, where there is a gold mine there is often an unseen minefield. Avoid taking the wrong steps by keeping these 5 common app development mistakes in mind: (more…)

How to Create and Publish a Mobile App?

The app craze is in full swing these days, and everybody’s getting on board to try to turn their idea into the next big hit. If you have an app idea of your own, there’s no time like the present to turn your idea into reality.

You could be sitting on the next Instagram or Angry birds, and you’ll never know how successful it could be if you don’t bring it to life.

First, of course, you’ll need an idea. It’s probably best to start small. Some of the most popular apps are shockingly simple, and apps that are too complicated don’t always take off because they’re more difficult to use.

Best Apps For the Samsung Galaxy S3

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been reviewed, rated and thoroughly broken in, it’s time to think about the best apps to load onto your phone in an attempt to transform it into a super-gadget.

Never again will you be stuck at bus stops, bored on the train or caught in traffic once your S3 gets fully loaded with apps.

Of course, some of these apps are available on Google Play, so you’ll be able to purchase them on any Android phone, but in many cases they will run all the better on the quad-core powered smartphone from Samsung. Some of these apps are also Samsung’s own apps, which means you won’t find them on many other handsets.

Mobile Firefox 4 for Android is out!

firefox androidThe Mozilla Foundation releases Firefox 4 for Android. The new browser’s features include intuitive interface and a lot of customization options.

The new Firefox for mobile devices ensures seamless and secure access to personal data from your computer and from the cell, including browsing history, bookmarks, tabs, form data and passwords. Using browser add-ons you can also install, synchronize, tabbed browsing and add bookmarks. New design for applications and abitlity to hide the controls when not in use, gives you more space and the freedom to browse.

Firefox 4 is up to three times faster than the default browser for Android. Significant improvements in the JavaScript engine makes it all faster: from the speed of loading pages, through graphics, up to overall performance.

Top 10 Cool and Essential Android Apps

Android AppsSo if you’re a proud owner of an Android phone, you must be surely looking for some interesting android apps. What we have here are some of the most exciting, secure and powerful Android apps out there.

First things first and to install these android applications, go to the application menu on your smartphone and launch the Android Market, just search for your preferred app and start the installation.

Let’s have a look at these must have android applications one by one.

1. Scribtor Notes

A very powerful text editor application, Scribtor Notes comes with an in-built file browser.

Best Free and Paid Android Health Apps to Help You Stay Fit

Summer is around the corner and its time to get out of your houses and get your body back in shape. We know that our iPhone owning buddies have a lot of applications to help them keep a track of their exercise regime. But, if you are a proud owner of an Android phone, the good news is you also have the option of downloading some cool android health and fitness applications on to your phone.

Here are some applications that we would recommend:

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