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Top 10 Free Android Applications You Should Know About

top free android applicationsTop 10 Free Android Applications You Should Know About

If you’re looking to boost your productivity and add value to your efficiency and effectiveness using your android phones, you must know about the free top android applications.

These applications will help you become capable of handling all types of work and personal tasks, emails, file management and many more.

Here are top 10 free android applications that will help you stay organized and work smartly.

How To Secure Your Android Phone From Getting Hacked

Now a days all platforms are getting hacked including android. The number of android hackers and hacks are increasing day by day.

The security of android is getting vulnerable to a great extent. But the fact is that it is not because of the OS, but due to user’s carelessness. So, if you want to be secured you’ve to take certain steps.

Follow these easy tips and you could easily beat the hackers!

1. Use Security Apps

Just like we use anti virus softwares for our pc’s, there are also antivirus programs available for android phones.

Top 10 Cool and Essential Android Apps

Android AppsSo if you’re a proud owner of an Android phone, you must be surely looking for some interesting android apps. What we have here are some of the most exciting, secure and powerful Android apps out there.

First things first and to install these android applications, go to the application menu on your smartphone and launch the Android Market, just search for your preferred app and start the installation.

Let’s have a look at these must have android applications one by one.

1. Scribtor Notes

A very powerful text editor application, Scribtor Notes comes with an in-built file browser.

Best Free and Paid Android Health Apps to Help You Stay Fit

Summer is around the corner and its time to get out of your houses and get your body back in shape. We know that our iPhone owning buddies have a lot of applications to help them keep a track of their exercise regime. But, if you are a proud owner of an Android phone, the good news is you also have the option of downloading some cool android health and fitness applications on to your phone.

Here are some applications that we would recommend:

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