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Five Ways Technology Is Hurting Your Bottom Line

The American Institute of CPAs conducted and interesting and enlightening study about how technology affects most Americans’ finances.

Their results clearly demonstrate that even though technological advances have made life much more convenient, they’ve also made life more expensive.

During an economic downturn, the few extra dollars that technology costs you can really have an impact on your quality of life.

Fortunately, being aware of the hidden costs of the digital age is the first step to curbing them. You may never be able to (or even want to) unplug entirely, but there may be some habits you can kick to save your family a couple bucks. (more…)

10 Important Tech Tips for Bloggers

tips for bloggersBlogging is a very popular form of self-expression these days, with new advancements happening all the time.

Blogs can be great places to find information, feedback, and viewpoints on various topics.

If you are a blogger who is looking for some handy tech tips, look no further than the following list.

These tips will help you with a variety of common blogging tasks and issues.

Police Surveillance to Use GPS Tracking–Gangsters under Scanning

gps tracking policePolice and gangsters have always been rather opposing sides.

When it comes to crime fighting and crime committing, the two groups are anything but friends.

Up until this current technological age, gangsters had street smarts that could often outwit the police.

Gangsters could work at night and never be seen neither arrested by the police.

Surveillance is changing this: gangsters are now subject to scanning when the police are unable to be in several places at once.

What is SWAP?

wirelessTechnologies are almost well developed in today’s world and we all are dependent on it in our day to day life.

There has been a fast change in recent years and wireless access points are continuously becoming prominent in our homes and offices, but till now there is no incentive to encourage owners to share their service.

Home Radio Frequency Working Group (HomeRF WG) an alliance of businesses developed a wireless data transfer called SWAP in March 1998 for a broad range of interoperable consumer devices in and around home which provides flexibility and mobility of a wireless solution.

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