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5 Amazing Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

infographicsHave you ever wondered how are these beautiful infographics actually created and who are these brilliant people providing information in such a beautiful manner. Designers these days are showcasing information in a very interesting format these days.

Informative graphics are very useful in providing clear details when explaining an issue. A description comes to life when information is accompanied by attractive graphics. For designers, the process of creating these infographics is also very exciting. Infographics can be created on any topic and could also come in any form.

Till now we’ve seen these infographics on the internet but now it’s your turn to create some.

If you have an idea, here is a list of some free tools is you can use to create some nice looking infographics for your personal sites:

5 Tips for Creating Engaging Infographics

Infographics are a great way to get information across to a large audience without the need for excessive reading and explanation. This trend is becoming more and more popular in social networking circles and businesses alike, and now is the perfect time to get on board by creating interesting infographics for your audience. Follow these 5 tips to make the most attractive and engaging graphics possible.


WordPress Usage Within Top 100K Sites

wordpressWordPress is definitely one of those projects that will need no introduction throughout the history of Internet.

WP is a platform that enables you to create a blog or website literally in 5 mins with no practical knowledge of programming. It is one of the most successful and widely know piece of software.

The secret of this success is not very difficult to explain. It is because WP is a very powerful CMS which enables anyone with a mediocre computer skills to start and manage a site very easily and all by yourself.

Because of its modularity and configurability WordPress perhaps is the only platform that can satisfy everyone’s need from programmers to graphic designers and from site owners to SEO experts.

The History of Web Browsers [Infographic]

history of web browsers infographicIf today chrome is your choice for browsing the internet I’m sure it has not always been so and there is no guarantee the situation will be the same in future.

After Netscape was released in 1994 it used to be the most popular browser until IE was released in 1995 and the war of the browsers began.

Since 2002 FireFox slowly captured the market till Google released Chrome to change the situation.

Social Media Infographic Showing Interesting Usage Patterns

social networking usage infographicAs a lover of infographics, we could not ignore this one published on It show the demographic data associated with users of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

We can see comparisons between various popular social networking sites as well as a distribution of hits in different countries and number of users by age.

I found it interesting to see that males are more active on these sites when they’re young while females are active on these sites when they grow older.

Very interesting to analyze and for people into internet marketing, a nice view of your audience.

Characteristics of Bloggers Around the World [Infographic]

This infographic will be really interesting for all the bloggers around the world. Gives a very nice pictorial representation of various segments of bloggers world wide. A lot of people are serious about writing and make it a full time profession. It’s good to see that there has been a substantial increase in the number of people who are self employed and blog for their own company. It’s very obvious that most of the blogger are from the US and rest of the North America. Since, the arrival of facebook and twitter people are able to connect more and hence able to get a lot of traffic in form of readers for their blog. More visitors means more reasons for you to write πŸ™‚

Really a nice represenation of the blogging community. In which category do you fall in the below infographic?

Internet Browser Market Share [Infographic]

internet browsersThree of the most used browsers in the market namely Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are coming up with there new beta versions. Each of them have some or the other compelling features that make them stand apart from the whole bunch of not so known ones.

Some of the common features which are on the cards for there new version of IE includes a faster JavaScript engine, additions in hardware acceleration and HTML5 support. Firefox is preparing itself with multi-touch support on windows 7 and Chrome is planning to add form autofill, autofil synchronization and plus extension.

The browsers preferences have changed from time to time. Internet explorer was the leader in 2002 capturing 85% of the market is used by just a little over 32% of the internet population today. Let us have a closer look at the journey and life of each of these popular browsers with the help of this infographic.

What is Cloud Computing? – Why Should You Care About It? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cloud ComputingAlthough IMHO Cloud Computing is a little over hyped but it is working for a lot of people. There was a time when only big businesses owned the best of the computers but with hardware costs coming down everybody started having there own machines.

Impact of Low Cost Hardware on Business

In a typical business scenario whenever you need more computing you would probably ask an IT guy to install more systems in to the server room. There are chances that your resources are not utilized properly.

Only at some peak hours your requirement for resources will spike and else it will not be wrong to say that your resources will be wasted.

All About Twitter Through An Infographic

As a business Twitter is not making sense at this point but it is one of the most used sites today. Initially the messages were kept limited to 140 characters in order to make it compatible with SMS messaging which also led to the popularity of a lot of URL shortening services like, and

According to an independent research, twitter tweets can be categorized into six categories:

* Pointless babble – 41%
* Conversational – 38%
* Pass-along value – 9%
* Self-promotion – 6%
* Spam – 4%
* News – 4%

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception – Infographic

Cell Phone ReceptionCell Phone industry is really on a boom and things have changed rapidly in the past few years with big players like Apple and Google Jumping in. We have the best phones with us but it seems that operators are not able to catch up. According to a survey it was found that around 70% of the people have experienced poor quality of signals and dropped calls.

Reception quality is most of the times not because of your phone but due to the service provider. But, just because you are not getting quality signals your service provider is not going to fix it. Ideally, they should, but I am afraid it will not happen in most of the cases. (more…)

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