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Hey, You Gonna Click That? 5 Modern Marketing Methods

As web marketing has skyrocketed, so have the methodologies fueling it. Companies once targeting radio, print, or television ads now monitor Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and Foursquare check-ins, all in the name of improving brand recognition.

Short of tagging every customer with a GPS tracker and microphone, how can you figure out who is buying your products and connect with prospective customers and steer them towards the right product or service?

Amazon Turns up the Heat with Kindle Fire

amazon kindleThe Kindle Fire, which is basically a “juiced” up version of Amazon’s original and highly successful e-ink reader the Kindle, is the company’s first attempt to immerse into the tablet world—an industry that, aside from its many descendants, is still currently ruled by the Apple iPad.  

But with Amazon’s brand-power and Fire’s attractive price—it’s offered at $199 compared to $499—experts say the new tablet may just be hot enough to make Apple sweat.

The full-color, 7-inch IPS multi-touch display tablet has a dual-core processor and functions with Amazon’s cloud-accelerated web browser, Silk.

Wonder Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab has Arrived

  The Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available in stores near you and your wait for a wonder tablet is over.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab boasts a 1 GHz dual-core microprocessor running over the Android 3.0 Honeycomb. So whether you want to run processor intensive applications or play games, everything runs fast and smooth without a single glitch. The web browsing experience is no exception either, the pages load very quickly provided you've a good internet connection


Convert Web Pages into Kindle ebooks using Firefox Extension

Convert Web Pages into Kindle ebooks using Firefox Extension

If you have a shiny new eBook reader and you want to fill the library of good content you find on the web, can help you.

How to Create Beatbox Using Goolge Translate!

Cool video showing to make beatboxing beats and sounds with Google Translate!

It is a little unusual, but have your ever thought of creating a beatbox using google translate. We’ve been using this service for translating various text and webpages till now but it can also be used in a very clever way.

Google Latitude iPhone App is now Available

Google has released the Latitude app for iPhone users. Latitude for iPhone lets you continuously share your location with your friends and family.

Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV on 4.2.1 & 4.2 Firmware

This video shows how to Jailbreak iphone, ipod, ipad your apple tv running on 4.2 or 4.2.1 Frimware through very simple steps.

All you need is to download Redsnow beta 4 and the 4.2 or 4.2.1 firmware for your device. Just follow through the simple steps in the video and you’ll be able to jailbreak your device in just a few mins.

You don’t need to be a Pro to do this 🙂

How To Get A Job By Spending $6 on Google Adwords

The Story of a copywriter who got a job using Google Ads.

Some Mind Boggling Facts About Social Media That Will Open Your Eyes


Google Search Appliance (GSA) – An Ultimate Tool to Search Your Intranet

How many times have we wished that we could have something like Google in our own firm? Google Search Appliance is a great device that could help enterprises to dig through billions of files, documents and various kinds of data present on your company’s fileservers and intranet. Google Search appliance can also index and store information on databases like SQL Server, Oracle etc.

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