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Enjoy the amazing features of your favorite phone spy software

Kids are for sure a blessing from God. Everyone loves their children and wants them to get everything they ask for.

Well at times such affection might not be good for your child’s upbringing. If given so much freedom, children tend to misuse it and take everything for granted.

If you fall in the category of those parents who have bought their children with everything they demand, including the latest smartphones, then you would personally be having a hard time controlling your kids.

Guess what? Your worrying days are over now. With the help of this phone spy software StealthGenie, you can keep an eye on your kids at all times.

DSLR-quality images made easy with new, lightweight compact NEX-F3 camera from Sony.



Sony’s Alpha NEX series provide any photographer the opportunity to take great pictures and record movies in Full HD all with a light and powerful digital camera. The NEX camera series include interchangeable lens cameras that allow DSLR quality images to be shot, yet remain as compact as a Cyber-shot camera.


Create perfect self-portraits with ease

Unique to Sony, the automatic framing portrait uses a face detection system to identify the subject and adjust the skin tones to achieve the most flattering results. Then the camera reframes the scene as close as possible to that of professional-looking images that you can be proud of – a truly remarkable feature that sets these cameras apart from the rest.


How iPhone Can Help You In Monitoring Your Teen?

With the teens growing, parents need to pay more attention to them. It is quite natural for any parent to feel concerned about their teens and that’s precisely the reason why parents try to protect their teens from the real world as well as from the internet world.

As teenagers grow older, they like to be independent and well versed with all the latest technologies.

Cell phones are yet another gadget they cannot do without. Now, with so many advanced versions, teens are more fascinated to opt for smart phones like iPhones.

How Do I Choose a Mobile Phone?

If you’re looking to buy a new mobile phone, you may have already found yourself dipping into the market only to be inundated with confusing choices and decisions.

Picking a mobile phone has never been a more daunting task – do you want a contract phone or pay as you go? A basic handset or a top of the range smartphone? Do you want a phone that bends? (OK, so these aren’t available on the wide market yet but seriously, they’re in production!)

With so much choice you may even find yourself thinking that it just isn’t worth the effort. STOP. Choosing the right mobile phone is very important, as phones these days are an integral part of our everyday life. Don’t be afraid – here’s a helpful guide to help you think things through before you dive on in.

New Smart Meters by British Gas

Meters are meant for the least used places of your house and they're only accessed when the meter reader comes to take readings.

Smart Meters are a completely new range of meters that's going to make life a lot easier. Although, these meters looks the same as their conventional cousins but there is a lot of difference when it comes to the way these meters function.

Once you install them at your home, you'll rarely have to visit these in order to record readings. Now, even the meter readers won't have to get into awkward places of your home. (more…)

A Detailed Review of uCoz

uCoz is one of the many applications which have come in the fray offering the service of creating custom websites along with various other services.

Usage of application:

Users can avail many features of this application without any charge but there are other paid packages too, wherein there won’t be any ads, quality tech support, greater disk space, FTP access, free domain, search engine indexing and larger file uploading.

Review of and and are both part of general-world service.

General-world service is a fast paced growing network useful for free file search and file download.

The other services are, and

There are some more general-services being developed according to the site.

Recycling Your Old Phones and Contributing for Environment

Everybody wants to change their old mobiles and get a new ones.

Behind buying a new phone there can be several other factors like an end of a contract, a long possession period or wanting to switch to a new generation of phone.

It is normal practice for several users to sell their old phones or give their phones to any of their relatives, mates or friends. Sometime people even throw their phones as garbage.

Thus, the issue of mobile recycling is quite crucial and must take up in serious consideration.

Recycling a mobile is not only a way of helping some company to reuse mobile materials and decreasing costs of production, but it is also a great step to keep environment healthy.

Encash Your Old Mobile And Contribute To Make Environment Greener!

In comparison to few years back, phones of today are more stylish, smart and cheaper.

However, if you are one of latest buyers of smartphones, then possibly you have options to own a fully loaded mobile phone packed with amazing functions and there is no additional reason to not to upgrade yourself with latest updates of new Smartphone that are present in today’s market.

In better way, it can be said that here you are not going to buy a brand new phone set because the old phone of yours have issues.

9 Biggest Uprisings that were Fueled by Social Media Platforms

We live in an ever connected world, where it’s nearly impossible to keep any secrets from the public especially if you’re a political figure or a celebrity.

So, when a government tries to control their people with ignorance and lies, it’s very easy for people to find out the truth. There isn’t anything we can’t find out, today’s youths are very resourceful and thanks to Twitter and Facebook are just a click or a tap away.

Just because hundreds or even thousands of miles separate people from each other, with a simple post, similar minded people can assemble and fight unified for one cause.

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