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New Google+ Features for Businesses

Most people use the various social media platforms to keep up with their friends, create and publicize events, catch up on breaking news and post and comment upon the silliest memes on the internet.

But Google+, one of the newest and probably least understood social networking sites, plans to distinguish itself from the others by focusing on the needs of business.

According to an announcement released by Google on Wednesday, Google+ will be integrating deeply with Google Apps, to expand the practical uses of the large but still underused social network. Google Apps brings together calendar, document and spreadsheet services that are all fully controlled and stored online.

10 Best Online Coupon Websites

10 Best Online Coupon Websites

We all do wish to save money on our shopping, and would readily jump at any opportunity to save money.

It is for this money-saving reason that this list of useful online coupon sites is put up.


This site allows users to enjoy its cash back program once they sign up and buy products from its cash back stores partners. It lists top online bargains as well as online coupons to help you save money.

The Most Common Web Hosting Issues

If you want to excel in the marketplace, there is no way that you can escape the fact that you need to be present in cyberspace. Social media is one way to accomplish this goal.

Having a YouTube channel helps out tremendously too.

But one of the absolute most effect ways to make people aware of the services that you have to offer while drawing more traffic to your business or areas of expertise is to have your own website.

This means that you’ll need to have a web host.

5 Best Sites like Dropbox

If you want to save your documents online, Dropbox is definitely one of the best solutions. Reliability and simplicity are its strengths and made it more usable.

It is no coincidence that Dropbox has over 50 million users . The free version can store up to 2GB of data, expandable to 16 GB through paid subscription.

But as the Internet, everything is ten times faster, we are not immune to a crash or a bankruptcy. Looking to Replace Dropbox? Here are five equivalent sites (even better)

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud storage has made managing expanding amounts of data much easier and cheaper for businesses large and small. But how safe is it?

Most of the large cloud storage providers use the highest level of online security measures, but a quick look at technology news will show you that those large companies are still often hacked by savvy internet criminals.

Millions of accounts across all types of sites are often accessed, giving hackers tons of personal data that can be used in terrifying ways.

How to Locate Open Source Software Alternatives on the Internet

There seems to be a continual buzz stirring as it relates to the benefits of downloading open source software as opposed to purchasing the more commercialized (which is oftentimes simply another word for “expensive”) brands of software.

However, hearing about how great the alternatives are as opposed to actually knowing where to find them are two different matters entirely.

Honestly, when it comes to narrowing down the many (many) options that are out in cyberspace is mostly a matter of knowing the kind of software that you’re looking for and typing that in your favorite search engine along with “open source alternative”.

How to Improve the Speed of Your Video Downloads

In this day and age, nearly everyone operates in some capacity in the online arena, whether they use the resources on the worldwide web for communications, information, business, or entertainment. And many of us have by now discovered the joys of downloading free videos online.

You can get clips from YouTube of cats playing the piano, share personal videos with family and friends, watch TV shows, stream live performances, and even download entire films to watch at your leisure. But this unparalleled access to entertainment options does not come without a few drawbacks.

Google Fiber Set to Release This Week

Although Google has never focused on hardware outside of their support of Android smartphones, their dominance in the software market remains significant.

Gmail is one of the top email platforms in the world, and Google’s calendars, file sharing services and cloud storage offerings are widely popular. Add that to their industry leading search engine and ownership of Youtube, the most visited website on the planet, and you’ve got a true dominance of the online world.

With all that strength, it is surprising that Apple continues to beat them in consumer loyalty. But Apple has managed to create a fierce anticipation of each new product offering, based on their yearly launches chaired by the late Steve Jobs.

7 Not-So-Popular But Powerful Web Browsers

We’ve been using some of the popular web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera so far.

But this not where the list of internet browsers end. There are some more interesting browsers as well.

Here are some browsers that are not commonly used by internet users, but are indeed great to use.

If it turns out that you have never heard about these browsers, it would come as no surprise. You may also wish to give some of them a try – no matter what position or profession you find yourself in.

5 of the Most Unusual WordPress Plugins

You’ve all probably seen the hundreds of articles out there that tell you exactly which plugins your blog HAS TO HAVE!

And if you haven’t downloaded them yet then you are doing your blog a huge disservice.

However have you ever looked through the plugins available for WordPress blogs?

There are hundreds of thousands of them, and they aren’t all vital to your blog’s success. In fact, some of them are just downright unusual.

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