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MeeGo Gets the Go Ahead After All

Do you remember MeeGo? In all the excitement of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, it’s difficult for any other operating system get a look-in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if MeeGo had simply fallen off most people’s radars.

MeeGo is an operating system you’ll have used if you’ve ever handled a Nokia N9 smartphone, or a Nokia 950.

It actually gained quite a lot of praise and popularity through the N9, which was a great little phone, leading many fans to hope it might actually go somewhere.

Best Apps For the Samsung Galaxy S3

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been reviewed, rated and thoroughly broken in, it’s time to think about the best apps to load onto your phone in an attempt to transform it into a super-gadget.

Never again will you be stuck at bus stops, bored on the train or caught in traffic once your S3 gets fully loaded with apps.

Of course, some of these apps are available on Google Play, so you’ll be able to purchase them on any Android phone, but in many cases they will run all the better on the quad-core powered smartphone from Samsung. Some of these apps are also Samsung’s own apps, which means you won’t find them on many other handsets.

Nokia PureView 808 with 41 Megapixels

Nokia has a strong heritage when it comes to cameras on smartphones.

For many, the N8 is still the benchmark with its 12 megapixel lens using Carl Zeiss optics.

At Mobile World Congress Nokia laid down the gauntlet to itself with the launch of the PureView 808 boasting a whopping 41 megapixel digital camera.

Again using Carl Zeiss optics it seems hard to think there will be any camera phone that will be able to match it.

Sony Xperia S – Sony Back in the Game

The first device to be released by post-Ericsson Sony, the Xperia S enters the smartphone market with a thing or two to boast about.

Given that this field is more crowded than ever before – with manufacturers seemingly working without recess to churn out as many variants of Desires, Galaxies and Bolds as is humanly possible – it’s just as well, too.

The Xperia S was unveiled at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the specs have been met with wonderment in some quarters.

Best Graphic Book Apps for iPhone

Graphic novels (a slightly more upmarket name for a comic book, or a comic book collection) have been coming on in leaps and bounds over the past twenty or thirty years, with critical and mainstream acceptance, as well as film adaptations, for the best of them, like Sin City and Watchmen.

Smartphones don’t just offer a new platform for enjoying your favorite graphic novels – they also offer brand new possibilities, mostly to do with adding multimedia features and easily accessible further reading resources.

We take a look at five of the best graphic books apps for iPhone 4S, including some that go beyond just adding multimedia to comics, and offer more of an interactive documentary approach.

Nokia Lumia 800 vs. HTC Radar – Windows Phones Compared

Nokia Lumia 800 vs. HTC Radar

When Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop described the Nokia Lumia 800 as the world’s “first real Windows Phone”, there may have been some raised eyebrows at HTC.

While the Lumia 800 is certainly one of the fastest smartphones to run Windows Phone 7.5, it isn’t the first and also comes up against competition from two impressive HTC devices, the Titan and Radar.

With the same operating system in both Nokia’s Lumia 800 and the HTC Radar it will be speed that attracts buyers.

Motorola RAZR – the Thinnest Android Yet

Motorola has been making phones longer than anyone else, and while they enjoyed the highlife back in 2005 with their popular RAZR series of ultraslim flip-phones, they have taken a bit of a backseat in the industry since the launch of the iPhone in 2007.

There have been some highly popular Android smartphones released by Motorola, including the Droid/Milestone and the Atrix, but none of these have reached the same stratospheric heights as the earlier RAZR phones.

If you are too young to remember the RAZR phones, they were 2005’s equivalent of the iPhone. The must have technological gadget of the year, that people were willing to spend a long time queuing to get their hands on.

Get Ready for Lumia 800 – The Best Nokia for a Long Time

Once the undisputed king of the mobile phone world, Nokia has seen its market share steadily plummet in the last few years.

The increasing popularity of iPhone and Android smartphones, and Nokia’s inability to keep up with the changing face of mobile phones, has led to a significant drop in the company’s fortunes.

While they had some success with the N8, Nokia has finally decided to drop Symbian altogether and the recent N9 had the lack of support from the MeeGo platform.

While MeeGo is an enjoyable OS, Nokia is now placing all of its eggs in a new basket – Windows Phone 7.

iPhone 4S and iCloud – The Ultimate Smartphone Music Combo

Now that apple store is directly selling their unlocked phones one their website, we’ve another reason to buy them.

The original iPhone was a natural progression from the iPod Touch – the mp3 player that completely transformed the way people listened to music.

While services like Napster and Bittorrent existed before this, they were largely underground and illegal.

Apple’s iTunes and iPod series made internet music legal and accessible for everyone.

Because of this the iPhone has always been one of the best smartphones for listening to music.

5 Best Games for the iPhone 4S

best games for iphone 4s5 Best Games for the iPhone 4S

There has been a lot of competition in the marketplace for Apple, with Sony and Samsung developing smartphones much more attractive to gamers looking to replicate their console experience on the go.

What has held Apple back is the single core processor still in evidence on the iPhone 4. However, with the iPhone 4S, this looks to change.

Not only is there the new processor that brings the handset up to date with its competitors but the A5 chip and iOS 5 means gameplay will be faster with cleaner, crisper graphics.

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