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11 Simple Netiquettes of Good Internet Users

Netiquettes of Good Internet UsersWhen you interact with people on line, there are a set of unsaid rules that you are expected to follow, irrespective of whether you are an experienced user or a newbie. These set of internet etiquette are often referred as network etiquette, or simply, netiquette. These rules sometimes tell the difference between an experienced person online and a newbie.

It has been said that those users just joining social networks and online communities are guilty of flouting network etiquette. However, this is not to say that we do not have some experienced members of these communities doing same, and it would be considered foolish of you if you fall into this category. The steps suggested below are to help you gain acceptance by being more courteous whenever you are online:

5 SEO Strategies to Write Effective Content

Search engines algorithms have been changing every day and it’s important to keep up to the internals of these changes as well as realize the importance of quality content. Quality SEO copywriting has definitely emerged as an important way to build contextual links and to gain some traction on the social networks. Keep in mind the following SEO strategies to get some fan following on the internet and popularize your website.

SEO Strategy 1: Emphasis on words and phrases

Search engines algorithms place emphasis on the words and phrases that are regularly searched by people on the Web. The skill of a SEO copywriter is ascertained by his ability to use the “right keyword” optimally as well as write with the aim to get that content to the top of the search results for the “specific keyword”.

5 Amazing Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

infographicsHave you ever wondered how are these beautiful infographics actually created and who are these brilliant people providing information in such a beautiful manner. Designers these days are showcasing information in a very interesting format these days.

Informative graphics are very useful in providing clear details when explaining an issue. A description comes to life when information is accompanied by attractive graphics. For designers, the process of creating these infographics is also very exciting. Infographics can be created on any topic and could also come in any form.

Till now we’ve seen these infographics on the internet but now it’s your turn to create some.

If you have an idea, here is a list of some free tools is you can use to create some nice looking infographics for your personal sites:

Why should you opt for Hosted IP PBX?

Do you own a small business and are looking for a cheap option of a business class phone service? (more…)

Wowza: High Performance Streaming Server

With more capability to stream video content from the Internet than ever before, it is important to have the best and most reliable streaming server that will give customers the fastest streaming rate, which translates to the best picture quality.

Whatever the content, and regardless of the web page or source, customers want the highest quality viewing experience available so that they can stream through their computer monitor or through their television sets. Slow buffering times, pauses and lags are disappointing and frustrating when trying to watch a film or other type of video content via streaming server.

Wowza Media Server 3 offers the high performance that viewers are seeking. The software, which is made up of multi-threading, offers a lightning fast 10 gigabytes per second rate so movie watchers do not have to endure the pauses for the server to catch up to the content.

Clients that the Wowza streaming server works with include the Adobe Flash Player, Silverlight, various Apple products such as the iPad, IPTV set-top boxes and Quicktime. With all of these clients, no one looking to stream video content should be left out and will be able to enjoy seamless viewing from a reputable, reliable and flexible streaming server.

Customers will have a great deal of flexibility in creating their plan for their service with plans such as the free trial period as well as the daily, monthly and perpetual licenses. The pleasure of watching uninterrupted films and other content requires the best streaming server.

How to get Business Leads Online?

Many online free classifieds websites have millions of visitors from around the world who use them for posting advertisements related to jobs, services, community gigs, sale, entertainment etc.

By using these websites, you can post free ads online and generate leads for your business easily which can help in improving your sales and revenue.

5 Best Sites like Dropbox

If you want to save your documents online, Dropbox is definitely one of the best solutions. Reliability and simplicity are its strengths and made it more usable.

It is no coincidence that Dropbox has over 50 million users . The free version can store up to 2GB of data, expandable to 16 GB through paid subscription.

But as the Internet, everything is ten times faster, we are not immune to a crash or a bankruptcy. Looking to Replace Dropbox? Here are five equivalent sites (even better)

7 Not-So-Popular But Powerful Web Browsers

We’ve been using some of the popular web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera so far.

But this not where the list of internet browsers end. There are some more interesting browsers as well.

Here are some browsers that are not commonly used by internet users, but are indeed great to use.

If it turns out that you have never heard about these browsers, it would come as no surprise. You may also wish to give some of them a try – no matter what position or profession you find yourself in.

New Smart Meters by British Gas

Meters are meant for the least used places of your house and they're only accessed when the meter reader comes to take readings.

Smart Meters are a completely new range of meters that's going to make life a lot easier. Although, these meters looks the same as their conventional cousins but there is a lot of difference when it comes to the way these meters function.

Once you install them at your home, you'll rarely have to visit these in order to record readings. Now, even the meter readers won't have to get into awkward places of your home. (more…)

10 Must Have PC Games You Can’t Ignore

10 Must Have PC Games You Can’t Ignore

PC games have changed the way we play games, and it has largely contributed in the invention of game consoles and online gaming.

If you are a regular user of computer then you should be familiar with these must have pc games.

1. Need for Speed

Need for Speed tops the list of must have pc games as it is the most popular and most successful car racing game to date.

The first version of the game was released in 1994 and it was solely made for PC. The game was widely appreciated around the world and was later released for Sony Playstation.

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