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Cloud Computing in Everyday Life

Just a few short years ago, the term cloud computing was reserved for a few visionaries in IT departments.

Today, you can’t turn anywhere without seeing the term.

Everyone from SalesForce, to Apple, to Microsoft, and even Amazon is touting it as the wave of the future. But just what is cloud computing?

Enterprise cloud users benefit from the IT infrastructure vendors like Apple and Amazon already have in place to conduct their business or personal needs in a more cost efficient way.

A Tablet Every Person Can Afford

In Sugata Mitra’s famous experiments all over India, he demonstrated that students in poverty-stricken areas have the ability to learn technology quickly if they have access to it.

Professor Mitra began his experiments by installing computers in public areas at a height appropriate for children’s eye level and then waiting to see what happened.

The results were profoundly interesting. In every scenario, students formed small groups of three or four and worked collaboratively to understand how to use the computer.

Skype’s Staying Power

Skype isn’t the newest technology. It’s not even especially sexy.

You don’t hear a lot of buzz about Skype. But if buzz were generated by inherent usefulness or efficiency, Skype would get huge buzz.

We use Skype for inter-office gossip, to chat with friends in faraway places as well as corporate video conferencing.

On top of all that inherent usefulness, it’s free!

How is it that we’ve grown to take Skype for granted so quickly?

5 Must Have Chrome Applications for Increased Productivity

chrome-appsGoogle’s Chrome browser has supplanted Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the default browser for many users: it’s easy to use, there are fewer bugs and—let’s face it—it’s prettier.

Part of Chrome’s allure includes their web apps and plug-ins that can make your Internet experience run more smoothly. Apps aren’t just for mobile phones anymore: web apps are becoming one of the best ways to find gadgets to improve productivity.

And, instead of opening half a dozen programs on your computer, you can open your web apps and keep track of everything in one place.

They’re not for everyone, but web apps can be a lifesaver for people who have crowded desktops. Below are five must have Chrome apps that can make your day easier and more productive.


Google+: Why It’s Here to Stay

google plusWith its introduction just over a month ago, Google+ is the newest social media experience with the most potential available on the web.

The site grew rapidly since its launch, reaching 25 million members in just one month. Improved features and a sleek, streamlined look sets up Google+ for success now and into the future.

The best and one of the easiest features on Google+ is the new way of organizing your “friends” or “followers.” Instead of a long list of people created manually or set up by network, Google+ lets you customize when you add a contact into specific categories.

Servers: Apartment vs. Mansion?

There is a wealth of options out there for any business that is trying to choose which system will best meet their server needs.

There is no one-size fits all system, with each server option having its own advantages and disadvantages so businesses should make sure to carefully consider each system against their individual needs.

When choosing between servers it is much like shopping for real estate – what can you afford and what do you need. So the question is Servers: Apartment vs. Mansion?


Learning to Share—or not: Shared vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared vs Dedicated Server Hosting
Hosting services can be confusing. There are myriad options when it comes to hosting features, which can make it difficult for the uninitiated to make a confident decision. If you feel confused and alone, stumbling along the dimly lit path of server hosting, then allow me to walk beside you, illuminating the landscape of servers spread out before you.

There are two main types of hosting services offered:

1. Shared
2. Dedicated

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