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How to You Save Your Smartphone Battery Life? 4 Tips to Help You Out

Smartphones are contemporary mobile phones equipped with smart facilities that make most of the activities that are carried out on a computer possible on them.

With high level of performance, playing of music and web surfing – which are usually done on a Smartphone, it’s only natural that the battery runs out faster than the traditional mobile phones.

One average, one would expect a Smartphone that is being heavily used to last no more than 10 hours at a go.

But 10 hours would be considered too little for a user that always uses his/her smartphone on the go – giving them no room to charge their smartphone adequately.

Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android Phone

disadvantages of rooting android phoneThe benefits derived in rooting an android phone have blindfolded people from seeing its deficiency.

Rooting an android phone, which is synonymous to jail breaking, is a very good practice for those who will like to disengage themselves from the monitoring eye of their phone manufacturer.

It is even seen as a way of gaining freedom in the sense that when an android smartphone is rooted, the user breaks the restriction of operating within a web of selected option that has been designed by default.

Rooting your android device also gives you full access to your phone without the control of your phone manufacturing company or the phone carrier.

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