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How to Build the Best Community News Feature on Your Blog

Most of the bloggers love to come across a sense of community along with their blogs regular visitors.

Often the discussions take place in the remarks section of several posts, nevertheless, it is quite disorganized and not much appreciated.

There certainly has to be a superior and improvised approach which could be useful in creating a real sense of community on your blog.

How To Make Your Blog More Search Engine Optimized (SEO)?

These days it is just impossible not to find the word ‘Blog’ or ‘Blogging’ on internet.

Though it is the hottest trend to blog on the net, the alternative practices of blogging have been there since 2000BC.

Blogging is nothing but expressing your views and opinions, like writing a personal diary.

Yes, what you hard is right. Maintaining a personal dairy is also a type of blogging.

Xperia S New Generation Smartphone from Sony with Super Unique Design

Sony Xperia SSony recently announced their new generation smart phone, Sony Xperia S at the CEO show, which is already in great demand because of its unique, stylized design and an impressive stipulation.

The model of the phone is due to be launched next month, in February 2012.

Xperia S will be a major release from the Sony Company and a lot of expectations are bound with this unique phone itself.

Review of LG Spectrum

lg spectrum review2012 appears to be the year that LG will finally surpass its competitors in the mobile phone market.

iPhone, a product of Apple grabbed most of the headlines last year and the year before.

But, it seems this year LG is spoiling for a fight having released two classic phones in the market.

These are LG Prada 3.0 and LG Spectrum. While LG Prada is currently available for sale in South Korea, it will roll out in the UK market in February.

However, this article focuses its attention on the LG Spectrum.

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