Tata has introduced a new Luxury online shopping portal – Tata Cliq

Tata Group launches Tata CliQ!! It is an Indian e-commerce website which sells clothes, shoes, electronics, and many other accessories. Customers can order, collect, return and exchange products across any part of the country, either through online mode or from partner stores.

Tata CLiQ is run by Tata Unistore that is headquartered in Mumbai and is a part of the Tata Group.

Tata Unistore incubated a business venture and announced the launch of its e-commerce platform which is Tata CLiQ.

It opened for consumers on 27 May 2015. It has its own website, mobile site and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Tata CliQ is a name that suggests that shopping online is now very easy and trustworthy. The ‘Q’ in the logo represents a magnifying glass that is a visual representation of the brand’s focus.

In an interview one of the members of the group executive council at Tata Sons Ltd had said that the e-commerce website will sell both Tata as well as non-Tata brands of lifestyle, electronics, and other segments. The group has signed with about 80 brands, which will be offered on the website.

Shopping online has become the trend these days. Tata Cliq is not only convenient but it also has many savings offers. From clothes to other accessories everything can be bought online. The timely delivery policy and the easy returns of Tata Cliq have just added extra points to its fame.

The science part in Tata Cliq is that you look at the trends and the big movers that will probably be there for next 10 to 30 years. One of the themes that TATA industries have been following for almost 4 or 5 years is the whole digital look. Tata CliQ only focuses on trying the customer to get the finest experience. The platform is new but is providing fast and steady services.

Some of the varieties that Tata CliQ provides are given below:

• Jackets – Jackets are obviously excellent fashion statements for the winter season since people remain insulated from the cold weather. A good jacket should be warm and trendy. Dollhouse and DKNY offer classic pleated lines of jackets including overcoats, down jackets.
• Trousers – Tata CliQ has a variety of trousers that are nice for walking around during any season. Some have several pockets for essentials as well. A good trouser has the full length polyester lining to ensure even more warmth during the season. Jeans are available on the site. Trespass, Crag-hoppers, and Regatta are some of the renowned makers of quality trousers and have exclusive offers on the site. There is a scheme of 50% rebate on winter trousers during winters.
• Other accessories – Accessories come in different shapes and styles like mufflers, scarf’s, benny, necklace, rings, watches etc. Scarves and jewelry make people look great and beautiful. Tata CliQ has almost all the national and international brands for these accessories with a very reasonable rate.
• Footwear– Tata CliQ has a wonderful collection of footwear as well like sports shoes, long boots, and bellies for women, sandals, formal shoes etc. Brands like Puma, Nike, and Forever 21etc are available with discounts.

Offers on Tata CliQ

1. Tata CliQ provides coupons for shopping. These are available online and have many other exclusive offers as well. People can easily shop their favorite products using these coupons.
2. The online application available on the play store of Android and iOS has a large number of advantages. People who download the application get some of the coupons free but only at the time of offers.
3. There is a time when all the well-known brands have the special discount on Tata CliQ. Almost all the brands have 50% discount at that time.
4. The site has buy 1 get 1 scheme as well especially for the festive seasons.
5. Tata CliQ provides cash-back policy for the customers if they are not happy with the services and policies.

The rates and rebates on the products, clothes and other accessories are very reasonable on Tata CliQ. The shopping site has an exclusive range of all the items that are necessary for all seasons. Almost all the new and well-known brands are available on Tata CliQ.

When considering any wear, there is an enormous amount of options and categories on Tata CliQ. The product looks and feels great when matched correctly with proper accessories. There is an incredible selection of women/men wears available for the customers on Tata CliQ to buy.

Tata CliQ has a very easy delivery service. There are many options available for online payment and cash on delivery as well. The items are delivered on almost accurate date without any problem.

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