10 New Amazon Web Services Tools Recently Added to the Arsenal

New Amazon Web Services

Cloud and cloud based services have really changed thet way solutions are developed these days.

There are multiple players providing cloud services but there is no doubt that amazon web services excel in this domain.

The suite of services that come bundled with amazon web services is getting richer everyday. With frequent updates and new releases AWS definitely has something for every business and domain.

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the new tools added in amazon web services.

1. Snowball Edge

You’ll love this service by AWS. All of us want to keep a copy of data with us. Be it in hard drives, DVDs, Flash drives there is nothing more assuring than having it in the hard form with us. Users on AWS collect data from various sources on the cloud process them but there was now way they can actually get it in the hard from.

The only option available to the users was to actually download it using the Internet. This is fine when you have smaller data sets but for vast amounts of data it is sometime very difficult to use the Internet for this purpose.

Snowball Edge is a small device that gets shipped to you, on demand. When you order it, all your S3 buckets, clustering configuration, Lambda code is pre-bundled and shipped to you. Just attach this device to your local network, configure an IP and start using for your in-premise off-line processing.

2. Athena

S3 or the Simple Storage Service is one of the oldest service provided by AWS and we all have been using it for a long time now. Once you have your files placed in the S3 you always have to get your hands dirty writing some code in order to crunch and get value out of this data.

With Athena, the world is going to change. Now, you can point Athena to your data files and start querying it using SQL and get insights within seconds. You don’t need to load data or aggregate data but just fire adhoc queries using the ANSI SQL format. You can process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and some of the common formats that are supported include JSON, CSV, Apache Parquet, Apache ORC and columnar formats.

3. Blox

If you want to run containerized apps on AWS, it is possible now with introduction of Blox in the set of amazon web services. You can now either create your own custom schedulers or use 3rd party schedulers on aws. It also lets you operate on full efficiency by optimizing the number of cluster instances.

3. Rekognition

Rekognition is a new image analysis tool that lets you add image analysis to your application. Without much effort you can now add image search capability based on deep learning to your applications.

The algorithm is not just limited to identifying faces but it can also detect objects and scenes. Facial recognition is taken to the next level by also identifying next level of characteristics like smile, eyes closed etc.

5. Polly

Polly is an amazing tool to create voice enabled applications that is capable of converting test into speech. It includes 47 lifelike voices from 24 different languages of the world. AWS make sure that the response times are really fast so that customers who interact with apps get real-time responses.

The integration is really simple and all you have to do is call the Polly API with the text that you want to get converted and in response you get a converted audio stream in standard audio format like MP3.


Ever wanted to design your own chip. Yes, now it’s possible on the amazon web services. FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Arrays was only used by one sect of the community. AWS opens this window for everyone and now anyone can create there own silicon chip in the soft form and see how it will work.

7. Pinpoint

Imagine the situation when you have been in the market for some time and now you have a long list of customers to maintain and follow up time to time. You might be thinking of sending out a mass email to everyone but this will be spamming and only a certain segment of your customers might be interested in your messaging. Hence, this might not be a wise idea.

The better approach will be identifying which customers will be interested in your offer and target offers or messages to a target group. This pinpointing way of communicating with your customers is possible using the Pinpoint service of AWS where you first integrate with their mobile SDK, identify a customer group and then send targeted notifications without spamming them.

8. Glue

Glue is a tool that is targeted for simplifying the ETL (extract-transform-load) process. It is a set of python scripts that can be scheduled to automatically run to collect data from multiple sources. This doesn’t mean that you have to actually learn python to use Glue, you can still use it without any knowledge of python.

9. X-Ray

Once you have your cluster up, you’d certainly like to monitor it. AWS provides some out of the box solutions to monitor the cluster, but with X-Ray now you can look inside your application. Things like what API calls that are made, collecting data points from each service into “traces” etc. can be captured.

Data points are collected as the request passes through every service and these data points are then presented as a service map. This service map can then be used to find out latencies, http status etc.

10. Lambda@Edge

Content Delivery networks have long been used to improve page load times, reduce bandwidth costs or increase global availability of content. The goal is to deliver response really fast to the user especially stuff like images, CSS files and likes. AWS now lets user to push node.js code replicated over array of servers in the most efficient manner.

Any code that takes time to execute now will be replicated across the nodes located globally and response time to the users can be optimized heavily.

Saurabh Dutta
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