Five Cool Gaming Technologies That Will Change the Way You Play Video Games

The world of gaming industry has boomed a lot. In our childhood, the only online game we had access to were the hand held video games.

But over the years, the gaming scenario has changed completely. So many different types of games have been launched that nowadays one is spoilt for choices.

In fact the entry of X Box in our lives has given us a taste of gaming on a different level.

To cash in on the growing demands of players across the globe, different companies are coming up with different types of cool gaming technologies that will make your game playing experience an interesting and exciting one.

In the near future five different types of gaming technologies are going to be launched that will change the way you play any game!

Kinect-compatible 3D glasses

SMI has come up with a pair of spectacles that works on the eye’s tracking movement. It has active shutter 3D and head tracking and are very much compatible with Xbox Kinetic.

When you wear these specs, it will track the eye movements and within the 3D environment, it will make the objects react accordingly. The SMI has termed this feature as “gaze interaction”.

Say for example, you are playing an adventure game where the objects are supposed to glow in the dark or will react when you look at them.

Oculus Rift 3D gaming glasses

Another interesting gaming technology that is sure to add a feather in your collection of gaming devices is the Oculus Rift 3D gaming glasses.

Here Oculus is using 2 HD screens for both the eyes, so that you get the feeling that you are actually a part of the game that you are playing. And as per reports, these glasses are going to be well within the budget of the average game player. And if you are in luck, you can expect these glasses to be launched by this yearend only.


IllumiRoom created by Microsoft’s research wing aims to take your gaming experience to the next level for sure. This device will extend the image on your TV screen to the walls of your living room for that ethereal experience.

You need to see it to believe it. Let’s hope, Microsoft decides to make it a feature of the Xbox 720.

Project Holodeck

In the fourth place is the Project Holodeck. Presently, this device is in a work in progress stage. This technology aims to add a new dimension to the already existing VR kicking and screaming.

This advanced version will have two players, like the previous one and makes use of the Oculus Rift headsets.

However in this version , one will be able to see the whole body of the players rather than the head. And you can enjoy the kick boxing with a friend and that too in a 3 D environment. There are plans of adding fans to create wind effects.

Leap Motion

And finally we have the Leap Motion, which is a motion controller as is evident from the name.

This device can easily track the movements of 10 fingers and that too with absolute accuracy and in a 3 D atmosphere.

As it is on open source, you can make it work with any USB device. As per Leap CEO Michael Buckwald, one can use the controller for RTS games.

You can expect to see this device in the market by the end of the year.

So get ready to end the year with a bang. With these 5 cool gaming technologies you can practically give your video game playing experience a complete makeover. All you need to do now is wait for these technologies to be launched.

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