Online Cloud Storage with Mozy by EMC

Whether you’re an individual user or an enterprise, keeping the data safe is your biggest concern and should be one of your topmost priorities.

You can either use a backup disk to transfer your data regularly to back it up, or now with cloud computing get rid of all such botheration. The rule of the game has changed now and you can use the power of the cloud and take backups on the fly and upload it online.

There are several factors while choosing a cloud storage provider like speed, reliability, uptime etc. But, the most important thing to consider is the kind of security that is offered by your service provider.

Keeping data safe online is one the biggest challenges for cloud storage service providers have been facing but Mozy has been able to successfully eliminate with these apprehensions.

There were serious concerns raised by the Patriot Act which were further amplified by Prism around privacy. It was all because our data is not stored properly and anybody can access this data. It is now our responsibility to keep our data safe and secure.

Millitary Grade Security

Security is one of the strongest points of Mozy. It recently completed a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type 2 audit and received ISO 27001 certification.

Mozy highlights the ability for users to encrypt their own data with the key of their choice before using their services where received data will be encrypted in their turn. So, whenever you upload data to the cloud using Mozy, it is first encrypted on the disk itself. The files are then transferred using a secure SSL connection. Mozy has world class backup data centres to survive any disaster situation. And, the best part is any changes in your files are automatically detected and backup up.

There are 3 version in which Mozy packages these software based on the types of users.

1. Mozy Home for general public
2. Mozy Pro for SMEs
3. Mozy Enterprise which has a more powerful management console with a fine grain control on the user’s access to data

Another cool piece of software that comes with Mozy subscription is the Mozy Sync. This allows you to create folder for your files which needs to accessed across multiple devices.

So if you’ve a spreadsheet or a document which you want to edit from a desktop and later using a cellphone, you don’t need to email yourself back and forth every time your make a change. You just need to keep it in the Mozy Sync folder and it will be available across all the devices.

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