What is 5g Technology in Mobile Phones ?

What is 5G networkIt’s not been long since 4G technology in mobile phones is being adopted by telecom companies and now we’re hearing a lot of buzz about 5G networks.

Let’s what is this 5G technology for mobile phones is, and what we know about it so far.

With the increasing number of mobile devices everyday telecom companies are forced to develop appropriate infrastructure. Users of smartphones and tablets consume more and more data every day.

Unfortunately, not everything is developing as we would like to and many people still dream of super-fast mobile Internet in fourth generation networks (4G).

What is 5G network?

In short, 5G is a standard cellular network of new generation. It does not mean a specific solution that exists today. It simply suggests the upcoming changes and technological progress which will move to the new telecommunications standards to the” fifth” level.

Benefits of 5G network

The assumptions concerning to this next-generation mobile network is impressive. 5G network will offer data transfer speeds of between 10 to up to 100 Gbps. For comparison, the currently developed LTE technologies allow you to access the Internet with a capacity of up to 300 Mbps.

In addition, 5G network is also characterized by extremely low delays. The relatively high latency is one of the fundamental problems of the present generation network, which makes it virtually impossible to use it for stuff like network gaming.

Another breakthrough that 5G network will bring is the issue of capacity. The fifth generation of mobile networks will be almost completely resistant to down-times associated with a large number of users accessing at the same time.

5G network

5G network will be the internet of things

Huawei estimates that the current network can hold 5 billion users. 5G Network will surpass these limits offering access to hundreds of billions of Internet users, applications and machines. So, it will be not only humans but machines as well who will be using 5G network actively.

Recent developments in 5G

We can’t deny the fact that the vision of 5G network represented by the giants of the IT world is very attractive but this will need a lot of technological breakthroughs. Thankfully, work has already been initiated in this direction and some of the bodies bringing 5G networks to reality include: Huawei, Samsung, Telefonica Europe, Fujitsu Laboratories Europe, Rohde & Schwarz, and Aircom International.

Recently, Ericsson held a demonstration to achieve throughput of 5Gbs per second using the concept of a new radio interface with MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output). The record attempt took place in a Swedish lab.

When will 5g network come out?

Experts estimate that the 5G network and other work related with the relevant standards will be completed by 2020. Initially for a couple of years, it will be available to the commercial users only and individual customers can expect access to 5G networks by 2025.

5G Network – Summary

There’s no denying that the next few years promise to be really interesting. The key highlights of the 5G network includes:

Speed – 5G network is to enable access to the mobile Internet, which not only exceed the barrier of 1 Gbps, but can reach speeds of up to up to 100 Gbps

Reliability – a new generation of communication that will be resistant to interference and a high number of concurrent connections

No delays – mobile internet with minimum delays in latency

Internet of Things – 5G network will enable further development of the so-called internet of things – refrigerators or washing machines connected to the network will become common

2020 – it when we can expect the completion of the standard fifth-generation cellular network

Hundreds of billions of dollars – the cost of research and construction of appropriate infrastructure will be huge

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