The History of Sony Walkman: See how it all changed

Sony-Walkman-NWD--W273-2014We all love the Walkman and it has always been in our wish list since its launch. Here is a recap on the long journey our favorite device, the Sony Walkman.

1. Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (1979)

This was the first model of the Walkman, which went on the market exactly 35 years ago with the price of $ 150. Initially it did not do well, but over time its sales suddenly increased and eventually became an icon of the 80s

It started because of Masaru Ibuka, the president of Sony who wanted a portable cassette player that would be convenient to use and carry.


2. Sony Walkman WM-101 (1985)

This was the first Walkman that came with rechargeable batteries. It was much thinner than its predecessors.


3. Sony TCD-D3 (1990)

In 1987, Sony launched digital magnetic tape also known as the digital audio tape which was added to this model in 1990. In addition to playing audio the Sony TCD-D3 walkman could also record audio.


4. Sony Walkman MZ-1 (1992)

Sony Walkman MZ-1 was the first Walkman with a MiniDisc. It debuted the market in 1992 and was very popular especially in Japan.

This was the first model with MiniDisk and was relatively large to carry in a pocket.


5. Sony Walkman MZ-E50 (1996)

Within four years of the launch of its first MiniDisc version Sony launched a slimmed-down compact version of the Walkman MiniDisc format support.


6. Sony CD Walkman D-E01 (1999)

The successor to the iconic Walkman was the Discman. The first model to hit the market was in 1984, two years after the start of mass production of CDs.

In subsequent years, there were improved models and both CD and MD Walkman were successful in the market. In 1999, Sony DiscMan name was changed to CD Walkman.


7. Sony Walkman NW-MS70D (2003)

In 2003, the market hit the first Walkman, which had 256 MB of flash memory and a removable memory card.


8. Sony Walkman NW-HD1 (2004)

And that’s Walkman MP3 version, which had to compete with the iPod. It had 20 GB of space for music, but the price was set at $400 which was about $100 cheaper than its competitors.


9. Sony Walkman NW-E505/507 (2005)

And this is a real curiosity: the Walkman, which in terms of design was inspired by a bottle of perfume. It had a small space for data (512 MB).


10. Sony Ericsson Walkman W200 (2007)

This was the first phone based on the Walkman brand. It was created in cooperation with the Swedish Sony Ericsson.


11. Sony Walkman NW-X1060

And this was a device created by Sony itself – the first Walkman with a touch screen to compete with the iPod Touch. Unfortunately, it failed to conquer the market.


12. Sony Walkman NW-F880 (2013)

Introduced in 2013, this Walkman also had a touch screen and was based on the Android operating system. This was the first of its kind of Walkman to offer support of loss-less quality music.


13. Sony Walkman NWD-W273 (2014)

And here is the latest generation of the Walkman. Sony is so proud of its water resistance that it decided to sell it submerged in a bottle of water.


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  1. Arun says:

    Nice post. It was a walk down the memory lane. Walkman was the all craze among music lovers before iPod came along and changed the industry.

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