15 Amazing iPad Apps For A Successful Business!

best ipad apps for business

15 Amazing iPad Apps For A Successful Business!

Everybody, be it a consumer, a businessman or a professional, is drifting away from the bulky cords of a desktop PC and the big heavy laptops, towards the lighter side of the technology of Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Everyone wants to take their business on the go, and iPad has suddenly become a hub for providing the users just the opportunity they needed.

Here are the top 15 apps for iPad apps for business that help businessmen all year round:

1. Right Signature

· Allows businessmen to send out and customize legal documents.

· Allows businessmen to store contracts in a cloud-based private environment.

· Allows businessmen to access their executed contracts from any location or device because of the cloud computing platform.

2. Life Sorted

· A gorgeous, simple yet sleek task-management app for businessmen.

· Easy interface with just tapping and swiping your fingers on the screen to manage your entire schedule for the day.

· Also manages multiple schedules, applies color labels, and adjusts due dates as well as notes.

3. Smart Calendar

· An artificial intelligence based calendar that synchronizes the items within the organizer with other app data.

· Integrated apps vary in a large range of Microsoft Office, Exchange Framework, Social Networks and Google apps etc.

· It allows a handy synchronization for businessmen, so that every time an event is added on the smart calendar, it searches the related apps for further information and compiles it all under one window.

4. Pages

· A complete ipad app for business for sharing and creating documents.

· Personalized look with advanced layout tools, easy formatting options and premium Apple-designed templates.

· Also compatible with Microsoft Word and text files.

5. Geckoboard

· A complete dashboard app for businessmen to view company statistics.

· Allows the viewing of data from support queues, web analytics and also integrates data from other analytic websites such as Google Analytics, Basecamp etc.

6. SimpleCrew

· Like a private version of Instagram, SimpleCrew is a photo ipad app for business teams and groups.

· Businessmen use it for tracking work progress, ongoing work and information on who took each photo, where and when.

· You can also make your photos public with the help of a web uploader to advertise events, marketing campaigns and fundraisers.

7. GoodReader

· A sturdy PDF reader that allows businessmen to read anything anywhere.

· This ipad app is not just for books, but also reads pictures, maps and movies.

· It allows fast rendering of large magazines, books and manuals with great speed.

· It also allows the businessmen to add freehand drawings, arrows, lines and sticky notes within the PDF file.

8. Evernote

· Allow complete organization and scheduling of everything you need to consider important.

· Allows you to store documents, capture images and record voice notes.

· You can save content for ideas, appointments, notes and basically anything under the sun.

9. Private Wi-Fi

· One of the most dangerous things for businessmen is to use public Wi-Fi networks as they are unencrypted.

· Private Wi-Fi helps you be invisible to all possible hackers providing you protection.

· Private Wi-Fi encrypts all your incoming and outgoing data like a personal virtual private network.

· Allows the routing of the traffic through secure servers.

· Assigns you a random and temporary IP address so that no one can access your location.

10. Keynote

· This beautiful ipad app for business is for creating awesome presentations.

· Includes amazing effects, animations, graphic styles and special Apple-themes.

· With a few taps and swipes, a presentation is ready to go.

· Also compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint files.

11. Perch

· A sneaky yet competitive app that allows businessmen to monitor the social media activity of their rival companies.

· Collects all the internet deals, tweets, Yelp reviews and Facebook posts so that companies can trump their competitors in the real time.

· Streams them directly on iPad so that if a rival company has put up a deal, businessmen can counter it with their own offers.

12. VerbalizeIt

· Provides you an access to over ten thousand real life translators throughout the global community.

· Helps ensure that language is never a problem when it comes to managing business affairs.

· Supports businessmen with phone-based, on-demand translations.

· Also provides a self-service platform for video, audio and document translations.

13. Voxer Business

· This ipad app for business adds the function of push-to-talk calls on smartphones.

· Allows the one-on-one as well as group communications on a large corporate basis.

· Allows the transmission of live and recorded messages.

· Allows the corporate managers to manage all user accounts, track the messages as well as split users within desired teams.

14. Blue Jeans

· Allows multiuser video calls from iPad.

· Works with all existing video conference software such as Jabber, Skype, Lync, Cisco, Google Video Chat, Polycometc.

· Creates a unified platform for video conferencing that allows users to participate within the ease of their preferred software.

15. FormMobi

· This ipad app for business allows sharing of data on iPad like a virtual clipboard.

· Allows businessmen to create architectural plans, collect signatures, click pictures and record audios and videos.

· Allows businessmen to create custom forms or pick one from library.

· Uses GPS sensors for taking all sorts of measurements.

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