6 Brilliant Apps to Turn Gaming Into Learning for Kids

gamesSmartphones have made a huge impact on our daily lives. It has now become impossible for many of us to imagine our routine life without smartphones. The best thing about android phones is that they can be used for various purposes other than communication. You can use your android phone for reading, teaching, learning, managing work and for entertainment purposes.

The field of education has also taken great advantage of this technology through different kinds of educational applications for students of all age groups.

There are various benefits of using educational applications and games for your toddlers. Children of any age love playing games. So, it is a great idea to install games designed for learning purposes on your android for kids. Games are a fun way to learn for children, as they do not find them boring like their textbooks. There are several educational games available in the market for children. Such games can be widely divided into the following types:

Math Game Applications

It is a great idea toeftrain your toddler for simple math before he goes to the pre-school. In this way, you can make your kids smarter and more attentive in their classroom. Some popular math applications include:

Kids Learning Math Lite

This is an amazing application for teaching math to your kids. This easy-to-use application helps your kid to learn the basics of math in a fun way. The colorful background in each exercise makes this game interesting for children. The collection of exercises in this application will definitely boost the learning process of your child. With the help of this application, your child will learn to:

  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Find the missing numbers
  • Associate number of objects with numbers
  • Count
  • Add and subtract with the help of flashcards

Kids Math Count Numbers Game

This interactive application for learning is ideal for your 3-5 year old children. It triggers the thinking process and encourages your child to relate numbers. The key features of this application enable your child to:

  • Learn counting
  • Learn spellings of numbers
  • Find the missing numbers
  • Distinguish between greater and smaller numbers
  • Write numbers
  • Connect the dots

Language Game Applications

Using android language game applications is a fun way for your children to learn any language. By using these applications, kids can learn different languages like English, Spanish and French. Following are a few great game applications for learning language.

First Words

This is an amazing application that you can install to teach language to your children. The best thing about this application is that you can teach your child the basics of different languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. This application teaches your child about:

  • Body parts
  • Colors
  • Food items
  • Animals
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Stationary

This application is very informative for children. It teaches the correct pronunciation of words also.

Learn Playing

This is a popular learning game application available in the android market. This game is very dynamic with colorful backgrounds that are bound to grab attention of your toddler. This application has various exercises that will help you train your toddler for basic language skills, before he starts going to school. It will not only make your toddler communicate better, but it will enable him to learn faster in his school also. This application helps your kid to learn:

  • Names of different colors
  • All alphabets
  • Vowels
  • Names of different shapes
  • Names of animals
  • Names of musical instruments

The best thing about this application is that it helps your kid learn in the fun way. Your kids will definitely love you for installing this game in your mobile phone.

Science Games

Science is an essential part of our lives. It is best to train your kid from his early life about different concepts of science, along with their application in daily life. Following are a few science game applications that will help your kid learn fast.

Heavy Or Light- Kids Science

Weights and measures are the basic concepts of physics. This application is an amazing way to teach your kid about these concepts. It is a colorful application with attractive objects that will certainly make it entertaining for your kid. It makes your kid to develop thinking process. It also makes your kid to learn comparison between different objects and their sizes. The attractive features of this game include:

  • Colorful graphics and music
  • 25 attractive objects to weight
  • 3 different modes to play

This game teaches your kid about the basic concept of physics along with simple math. Therefore, it is a must-have application for teaching your kid about science.

Live Puzzle! Sea Animals Kids

It is an amazing puzzle application for your children. It teaches them about sea animals in a fun way. Install this game application to enhance the learning process of your children. It includes 12 puzzles of different sea animals. The colorful puzzles along with their backgrounds are best to give an idea of sea life to toddlers.

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