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In today’s world web browser is no longer an application to surf internet, but it offers users so much more. Web browsers now offer themes, applications, toolbars, applets and much more.

If you are looking forward to enhancing your web browsing experience then you better try these tricks with your browser.

Web Browser Tricks

There are plenty of tricks that you can perform with you keyboard and mouse, and we composed a list of some popular tricks you should try.


Middle Button Mouse Click – Opens line in new window.
CLTR + Mouse Scroll – Zooms in and out page.
Spacebar – Page down.
CTRL + F- Finds word on page.
CTRL +S – Saves the page.
CTRL + D – Saves page in bookmark.
CTRL + W – Closes Widow Tab.


CTRL + Shift + B – Toggles on/off bookmark on the page.
CTRL + D – Bookmarks web page.
CTRL + J – Opens download tab of the browser.
CTRL + R – Refreshes web page.
CTRL + Shift + T – Opens last closed tab.
ATL + F4 – Closes current window in web browser.


The Safari is a Mac based web browser and has Command key on Mac keyboards, and its tricks may not work in Windows.

CMD + T – Opens new tab.
CMD + N – Opens new window.
CMD + Z – Open last tab closed.
CMD + Shift + H – Jumps to home page.
CMD +Shift + | – Hide/show address bar.
CMD + O – Opens file.

Top-up Features

New web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari allow users to customize appearance according to their taste. We composed a list of add-on features to style your web browsers.

Firefox Add-ons

Firefox add-ons feature is one of the most interesting features. It allows users to customize the complete look of the web browser without much effort. These add-ons are easy to install and are available free of cost. Visit to download free add-ons.

Safari Tricks

Safari is a smart web browser and offers great user interface.

Drag to Upload – If you want to upload file then one good way to do this is by dragging file from File Finder to browser button on web page.

Restore Closed Tab – Many times we close tab accidentally and have to start all over again. Go to History > Reopen All Windows to restore closed tab.

Open Tab with URL – If you typed a URL but wants to view in new tab, CMD + Enter should do the thing.

Chrome Plugins

Google claims Chrome to be the fastest web browser. There are plenty of plugins to enhance your web browsing experience. Visit to find latest Chrome plugins.

Facebook Chat Notifications – I really liked this plugin as it allows users to remain updated while they work. It is a tiny application that keeps you updated from notifications, messages and activities of your friends. It requires installing a small application on the system and you are good to go.

Snooze Your Email – It is another nice plugin to remind you about unread emails after some interval of time. You can set the duration of time for emails to snooze, and it will remind you after completion of this time.

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