Employ SAN – Enjoy Better Storage Resources

When an organization steps into business, it would require some computers, software applications, storage devices, routers, modems and several other small and large equipments to establish the local network to run the entire system.

With the passage of time, when the needs of the business grow, they would require to have faster and greater storage resources.

SAN is the solution for these businesses at this stage that helps them grow their business without any kind of issues of storage resources.

How does SAN work?

SAN allows you to build a network of storage devices on the LAN.

It makes all the storage devices available for multiple computers on the network.

It can be accessed with the help of a network connection and one can view it through the network server.

So it makes you feel like that if it were residing locally on your machine.

Don’t mix up basic storage array with Storage area Network. Simply consider the basic storage array as one of the most necessary components.

Just to make it clear to you, remember that SAN is to combine the shared storage array; all other devices, the network itself, hosts and servers

When and Why Should We Use SAN?

Actually, because of the stunning acceleration of the storage requirements in the business sector has created a need to have the fastest storage solutions.

Puzzled, right?

May be you would like to find further details that, why should you employ SAN instead of adding more storage devices to your server.

This is a very valid and to get the answer of this question, you will have to keep in mind several perspectives.

Let’s find out the appropriate answer to the question here.

  • SAN is the need of every organization as it helps to build a pool of storage resources
  • It will allow you to allocate the memory as per the requirements of the system instead of allocating the all the disks to the set of systems.
  • It allows you to share the storage at the block level.
  • SAN must be your choice if you often have to carve out or format the individual storage disks.

So you can enjoy the liberty to manage the volumes of disks whatever the way would be suitable to meet your system requirements.

There some particular reasons to select the SAN for SMB.

For instance, MS Exchange 2010 only supports the block level storage.

Therefore, SAN would become a necessity for your business rather an option that you might have for selection.


Storage Area Network

This is architecture to establish a link with remote storage devices that will include disk array controllers, CD arrays and tape libraries.

They will be attached in such a way that operating system would show all these devices just like as locally connected devices.

Direct Attached Storage 

DAS allows you to connect the server directly to your network.

The server will be the integral part of your network.

It will work as the steady bridge to establish a connection between all the users that will help them talk to each other.

It will allow them to share the information through the network.

The biggest disadvantage of DAS is that it gets the heavier traffic of the users, more likely it will slow down.

As a result, efficiency of the whole network will be affected.

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