7 Best Web Analytics Tools for Website Owners and Bloggers

web analyticsWeb analytics tools are a great help for all of us who wish to keep their sites updated and be aware of the visitor statistics, which can help in defining goals and eventually result in growth of the website. A good statistics package will let you know significant information about the visitors visiting your website, which when interpreted wisely can help you understand which trends work for your site and which don’t.

Here is a quick review of 7 Best Web Analytics tools which can assist you in keeping your website updated.

1. AWStats

This statistics package often comes pre-installed by web hosting companies, but even if you are not taking assistance of any web hosting company, this tool can also be downloaded for personal use. AWstats is not just a statistics package but is also an amazing detective tool which will let you know about bandwidth thieves and tell you if files from your site are being hotlinked.


2. eLogic

This package offers 3 need basic services. The first service offers the basic stat counter while the second offers more details like history, demographics, referring sites etc, just like any other statistics package.

The third service is preferred by businesses owning large sites and provides a bigger picture and a more detailed review of visitors visiting your site and is equipped with extensive tools for web analytics.

3. Google Analytics

If this is not the first time that you are coming across something about web analytics, I bet you’ve already heard or read about Google Analytics. Invariably the most popular web analytics tool, GA allows you to know your visitors better and lets you know the regions, states and cities where your site is getting popular. Integrating with AdWords an offering of tools specially catering the ecommerce domain, makes this web analytics tool stand out in the crowd.

google analytics

4. ShinyStat

Originally created to aid Italian websites, this tool is now internationally available and has a lot to offer to all. Individual users, professionals, and even large business owners seem to particularly like it and for someone who needs to monitor his sales and ROI, this tool is one of the best web analytics tools.


5. W3Counter

Available in both free and paid versions, this tool can be used to track up to 5000 page views a day across 10 sites and also provide you the facility of sharing your stats in your blogs via widgets. Larger websites which pull huge traffic can also go for the Pro version which offers 1 million views a month.


6. W3Perl

W3Perl in addition to offering its web traffic measuring service has something which other tools don’t offer. Log files of emails and RSS feeds can be measured by W3Perl. Real-time data can be accessed by setting up an administration interface for web access.


7. Webalizer

One of the most popular statistics package, its fast and its portable. Written in C, Webalizer has already become the first choice of people who like to host their own server. Though Webalizer doesn’t dig in the information too much, the overview provided by it, is good enough to be gained from.


Apart from these, there are other wonderful open source web analytics too which are gradually surfacing. But when you’re evaluating types of web analytics tools, do not go for something which offers too much, when you don’t actually need much. Go for a package which caters to your needs and you’ll never regret your choice.

Saurabh Dutta
Saurabh Dutta is the founder and author of TechChai. He writes on useful technology tips, tricks, tutorials, articles and interesting technology updates on various websites and blogs online.
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7 Responses to “7 Best Web Analytics Tools for Website Owners and Bloggers”

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  2. Chris says:


    I can’t help thinking that you’re confusing stats systems with analytics platforms, there is a big difference.

    One is for auditing visitor volumes, the other is for identifying trends and patterns that can ultimately be used to improve the performance of your site.


    Chris Head

    • Saurabh Dutta says:

      Hi Chris,

      I think you are right to a certain extent but a lot of these tools also give us analytics capabilities with with tracking stats. Also analytics is also considered to be a broader term for such type of tools.

      But, I really appreciate you taking this point up. And I’ll make sure that I follow this classification in my future posts.


  3. sam says:

    These are great tools, i personally use clicktale which has the best of the bunch in my opinion. Its heatmaps are second to none.

  4. seo tampa says:

    great tools … i personally use Google Analytics and W3Counter.
    Google I think is the best but still has some shortcomings.

  5. Kunnu Singh says:

    Very nice info, but I like US Servers. can you tell me how can I get a TM? I am from India.

  6. Host Regal says:

    I myself as a owner of Web hosting business, uses Google Analytics. I’ll try other as well. Thanks for sharing.

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