Top 7 Free Proxy Browsing Software

top free proxy softwareIf you want to hide yourself, then you have to keep a mask on your face, but can we really hide over the internet?

The answer for this is yes.

With the help of the software, you can actually hide yourself over the internet and can surf the net with an unknown IP address.

There are many proxy software, which will assist you to hide over the internet.

You can have all the web pages, files information, images and downloaded files using a software and can access the net without revealing your IP address.

1. SOCKS proxy

This is one of the networking based software that allows one side host to have the complete permission for browsing the data on the server without accessing the IP of the other host computer.

2. Freegate

Freegate is a browser based proxy software that is available in two languages: English and Chinese. This is one of the proxy software that is developed to restrict private and government sites.

It has to be downloaded to run on the system but installation is not required for this software.

3. Ultra Surf

Ultra surf free proxy software allows very secure browsing by providing extra security to the users. There is no need to install the software, you just need to download and then run the software program.

4. GTunnel

GTunnel proxy software allows you to automatically use Garden Network Organizations pages on your network. This proxy software is designed for privacy.

This proxy network allows access to Google messengers and Skype. If you want to purchase this software, then you have to be residing outside China. This is one of the best data transferring software between the host computers and the proxy servers.

5. Transparency Proxy

This free proxy software applies proxy only on the HTTP pages when requested. The web server will be in view that you are viewing proxy server for browsing any webpage.

This can also show client’s IP address. Transparency Proxy is famous for network speed, but not for the network security.

6. Your Freedom

This is one of the free to use proxy software that allows you to access and stay anonymous with Socks proxy IP protocol. Your Freedom is one of the high level software with bit more processing speed.

This software is best for Google and Twitter, but has some problems with downloading process and Yahoo messengers.

7. SSH Tunnelier

For all the providential businesses and government organizations, it is very important to keep a track on all the web pages on their servers.

SSH Tunnelier software permits secure data transfer and data access over network channel. This is one of the encrypted software, so you can happily share your password, private and providential files over the network without any vacillation.

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