10 Magento eCommerce Plugins That Are Worth To Try

The popularity of Magento has swiftly increased following its introduction into the market around five years ago.

Magento is an exceptional method of increasing the online image and earnings of businesses. However, it is necessary to install the appropriate plugins in order to optimize the use of Magento.

It is not easy to choose a suitable plugin due to the availability of numerous plugins in the market. The following are the top plugins available for ecommerce site developers.

1. Shipworks Magento

Business owners aim to sustain the growth of their business. As the business grows, it will encounter a number of issues along the way. One of the biggest issues that developing companies have to deal with is shipping. The Shipworks Magento plugin facilitates shipping since it provides users the capability of creating labels, updating orders, and contacting clients. In addition, Shipworks is linked to DHL FedEx, UPS and other major delivery companies.

The fast pace of life today may make it difficult for business owners to meet the needs of their clients without delay. Due to this, they may opt to go somewhere else for the things they need.

2. Zopim Live Chat

The Zopim Live Chat plugin is an indispensable tool to ensure that business owners are readily available to respond to the queries of clients immediately.

3. Price Slider Dafodil

Online shoppers become frustrated whenever they find products in their search result that are far beyond their financial capability. The Price Slider Dafodil plugin provides customers the capability of specifying the price range of the products they want to see. The plugin will facilitate in finding the products that clients want to purchase.

4. nChannel

Ecommerce essentially means relying on numerous software platforms that facilitates business. However, using various software platforms may result to issues in logistics since different platforms carry out numerous business functions. These platforms can be merged by nChannel and link them to the Magento account of business owners. It will save time and reduce stress for business owners.

5. Shop by Brands

Business owners, who offer numerous brands through their websites, will find the Shop by Brands plugin useful. The Shop by Brands plugin provides clients the capability of selecting the brands they want to see after a search. The plugin also allows clients to limit search results to a certain color, collection and other restrictions.

6. Fontis SecurePay

Online shoppers are mainly concerned about online security. These clients may not be eager to purchase the products offered by business owners unless security is guaranteed when their payments are processed. Fontis SecurePay plugin utilizes the SecureXML gateway in processing payments, which assures clients that the details of their payment are secure.

7. Lazzymonks Twitter

Although email newsletters can effectively maintain the client base of a business, it is also essential for businesses to integrate numerous social media outlets to maintain its relevance in the market. The Lazzymonks Twitter plugin provides business owners the capability of integrating their Twitter account into the menu. This will provide clients to monitor updates even as they shop.

8. IW PayPal Standard Currencies

Around three billion potential clients are using the internet around the world. However, if business owners limit the currency used for payments to US dollars, they may not take advantage of a huge revenue source. The IW PayPal Standard Currencies plugin will allow business owners to receive payments in any currency supported by PayPal, which will increase the international reach of the business.

9. Fooman Google Analytics+

It is essential for business owners to be aware of client behavior to increase the chances that these clients will make a purchase. A range of basic figures in connection to clients and potential clients of business owners can be monitored through Google Analytics. However, the Fooman Google Analytics+ plugin will allow business owners to collect more than just the basic statistics from Google Analytics.

10. Checkout Newsletter

In order to increase the number of return customers, business owners should ensure that previous customers receive the updates on the latest offerings of the business. These customers can be interested if they are the recipients of newsletters and email campaigns. The Checkout Newsletter plugin allows business owners to include a “Sign up for newsletter” feature on the checkout page that will provide updates to customers on future products that the company will offer.

Once the Magento plugin is selected for an ecommerce site, business owners will acknowledge the significance of plugins in the growth of the business. The Magento plugins shown above will facilitate business dealings and improve user experience of clients. It will also increase the possibility that these clients will continue to be loyal to the particular company.

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