The most anticipated new products of IFA2013, Samsung Note3 ranking top

Since it enters the second half of 2013, a number of new digital technology products will be launched, in addition to individual vendors to release their products by themselves, the IFA 2013 exhibition held on August 31 in Berlin, Germany will also be an excellent platform to display new products, and it’s expected that Samsung, Lenovo, HTC and other famous brands will have heavyweight products to be released, let’s take a look at the most anticipated products.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Currently, there are indications that Samsung will release the latest product in the IFA 2013 exhibition – Galaxy Note 3. The long-awaited model has recently appeared in Kazakhstan Samsung official website unexpectedly, taking into account that in last year’s IFA exhibition Samsung released the Galaxy Note 2, so it is still very hopeful that the Galaxy Note 3 will be displayed.

In addition, according to some sources, Samsung plans to officially release Galaxy Note 3 on September 4 in Berlin, Germany. However, it’s still not sure of the specific configuration of Galaxy Note 3, the rumor is that the device is probably equipped with 5.7+ inches 1080P screen, and has multiple versions, the high-end model will use 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 million pixel camera and support optical image stabilization function, the past plastic frame material will also be replaced by metal material, perhaps it will also use its own OLED flexible screen technology.

Samsung smart watches

It’s certain that Samsung is actively preparing for smartwatches, which may be officially released in of this year at the earliest. According to SamMobile website reports, this smartwatch has been transported to the Samsung branch in Berlin, Germany for testing, which maybe makes preparations for displaying on IFA exhibition.

It’s understood according to previously revealed information that Samsung smartwatch will be named as “Galaxy Altius”, it will be equipped with its dedicated operating system, and it can be connected with Galaxy S4 and other models to display Caller ID, send messages and multimedia messages. In addition, As it has been hotter and hotter that Apple is going to launch smart watches, Samsung is likely to release the Galaxy Altius in advance to seize market.

Samsung 4K Ultra High Definition TV

Earlier this year, Samsung said it plans to releaseĀ  different sizes 4K high-definition TV products on the IFA 2013 exhibition. The smaller-size models may be the 55-inch and 65 inches S9000 which have started pre-order this month in South Korea, while the larger models are likely to reach 85 inches.

HTC One Max

After the launch of HTC One mini, HTC is likely to launch a larger version of the One series new devices to cpmpete in the cross-border tablet phone market. According to the relevant data, this model which may be named as “HTC One Max”, will be powered by 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, and a 5.9 inches 1080P screen, and it will be launched in September at the earliest, which is coincide with the IFA 2013.

Lenovo X910 and PC products

As a frequent visitor to technology exhibitions, Lenovo will also appear in the IFA 2013 show, and bring a variety of new products, the product lines may relate to smartphones, tablet PCs, Windows 8 PCs and so on. The noteworthy product is a smart flagship that has been exposed on the Internet and is called as Lenovo X910, the device will be equipped with Snapdragon 800 processor and 5 inches 1080P Full HD screen, it runs Android 4.2 system.

In addition, Lenovo is also possible to release three new tablets and a Windows 8 PC product using hybrid design.

Philips TV

Philips has announced they will bring the new “Ambilight” TV technology at this year’s IFA exhibition, although we do not know the details, it’s expected that its TV product line will get some updates in September.

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