Android Apps for Blogging from Your Phone

At one point almost all of us have tried blogging in some form. Each of us has experienced blogging at least once in our life; it may be sitting from our computer or through or from micro blogging sites like Twitter or from our phones. Thanks to android smart phones, for helping us to do so with ease!

With the availability of technological advancement of mobile phones and the landscape of mobile apps, bloggers are now able to do their work when they are away from their computer.

blog from android

Here we go with the top 5 Android apps which help us to do our favorite (blogging) from our hand loving device.


Blogger is one of the popular platforms for blogging. This is specially designed for personal blogging. To use this app you just need an account on it. Get a try on this app and have a great experience! One of the major advantages of this app is Google itself has introduced this to blogging platform.


Word Press

Word press is another popular platform for blogging. This app is made to work on blogs which are created on It helps the bloggers to create, edit and delete the posts. Also it helps to moderate the comment and approve it.



Writer is a word processor that aims to solve the problems faced by us while blogging through our smartphones. Writer provides a distraction-free writing environment within your smartphone or tablet so that you can focus solely on creating text content with peace of mind.



This is one of the favorite blogs for most bloggers. This is a micro-blogging site and simple to use. This app, made for Tumblr bloggers, has useful features for scheduling posts, viewing, replying to messages, posting content and you can even manage multiple Tumblr blogs with the app.



This app is used to share text, audio, pictures, and videos across a couple dozen social networking and blogging services. It supports many top networking sites like YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter,and Netlog.




Disqus is the most used app in recent days by bloggers for commenting system. With the Disqus Android app, you can moderate your comments, publish responses to comments that you received. The person who wish to comment on the blogs, have to register a Disqus account to post his/her comment. This helps the blogger to prevent spamming.


Google Drive

This should be familiar to all those using Google accounts (gmail). It is available as one of the functionality on gmail account. It allows bloggers to store documents including Excel spreadsheets, images, Word documents, videos, audio and many others in it. Once saved, bloggers can access their files whenever they wish and wherever they are. Suppose if you are amidst of any work on your system or laptop, you can continue to work on it using your phone while coming back to work. Since all the information are stored in the gmail account not on your laptop or PC.

google drive

Photo editor

As the name implies it is used for editing the images. With this app you can snap photos and upload it on your blog. You can use the images whenever you wish. From time to time, we might need to do some minor touch-ups on the photos that we’ve taken and this is where an editor comes in. With this you can crop your image, edit the image background and resize your images and many more. This app makes you to feel as a designer. I personally experience a good feel by working on it.

photo editor


This app do micro-blogging rather than conventional blogging, this also supports so it can be synchronized with social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and many more. You can toss a photo in and spice up your words.



Manage blogs posts including Blogger, Flickr, Picasa, Foursquare, TypePad, WordPress, Live Journal and Tumblr. Also supports other tools and services such as Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and Drop box.





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