Top 4 Video Sharing Apps

There is a lot that you can do with your Smartphone, regardless of the platform you are using.

Nowadays, these gadgets are very essential and work out as a miniature system, which enables you to stream music, browse the Internet and download apps as you want.

Moreover, you can even share videos by making use of certain applications.

The significance of watching a video add a lot when you are considering sharing imperative information, or merely want your friend to laugh from a crazy video.

All the video sharing apps will help you connect with your family and friends on a different level.

In this post,  I am listing down the top  video apps that work as per your personalized requirements.

–          Klip Video Sharing

It is a free application that enables to you enjoy videos and also share them with your family and friends with ease.

Capture whatever you want and then save your videos of any length on your Smartphone that you can upload, view and share with your friends for free.

You can share any or all or your videos to your preferred social networking portal merely by tapping a single button.

You will be offered with unlimited uploads, and can have real-time updates when any of your contacts post their favorite videos, and you can preview with them swiping on it.

–          Keek

It is a great free app that will help you capture, watch and share your videos from your Android or iPhone.

It is quite easy to share any video that you prefer with your contacts or on any of the social networking portals like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Keek is an app that has been considered as the most active app that comprises of video sharing feature.

You can connect with more people, keep a loop with your family and friends and keep them updated with your latest videos.

–          VMS – The Video Messenger

It is another great free app that you can make use of to send both instant messages and videos from your Android gadget.

Capture a video and share it promptly with any of your contacts.

The app is fun to utilize and offers an incredible approach to stay in touch with your loved ones.

–          Qik

Sprint Users can make use of this app for free as it enables them to capture and quickly share the videos with their associates, family and friends, no matter where they are.

The videos can even be shared via SMS, social media portals or emails directly trough your Smartphone and you can also view the videos that have been shared by your contacts.

 Are you aware of any other names like the aforementioned apps that work as the best ones? Share them here!

Saurabh Dutta
Saurabh Dutta is the founder and author of TechChai. He writes on useful technology tips, tricks, tutorials, articles and interesting technology updates on various websites and blogs online.
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