The Best New Tech Gadgets for Your Home

Technology is evolving almost as quickly as it can be thought up. It is truly astonishing what is possible today, especially when it comes to our homes.

New construction is emerging to create zero carbon footprint green houses, while other companies focus on ‘smart’ homes that understand your schedule and automate a whole range of common needs, from brewing a pot of coffee to adjusting the air temperature.

But you don’t need to completely remodel your home to bring a bit of those high tech home improvements into play. Just take a look at some of these great new gadgets that make any home more high tech, whether it was built last week, or last century.

While you probably love having a high quality television in your home, you also don’t always want it to be the dominant center of attention.

Thanks to the Transparent TV created by Michael Friebe this will no longer be a concern. The Transparent TV can either be mounted on the wall or set on a stand, and 90% of its surface looks like nothing more than a glass panel.

That means you can place it in front of some beautiful wallpaper or a work of art without the TV causing some distraction. And when switched on, you’ll be more than satisfied with the picture quality.

If you’ve taken the time to upgrade the electrical wiring in your house but now find you are always turning on the wrong lights, check out the Floor Plan Light Switch by Teowon Hwang. Just as it sounds, it is a single master light switch that can handle the whole house.

Its face is designed with an outline of your home’s actual floor plan, and to switch on or off any of the lights you simply press a finger on the outline of the room you want lit. It’s simple, elegant and completely unique.

For homes that get a lot of sunlight, check out the Sony Eclipse. It’s a media player that works completely off of solar power. You mount it to a window, and the rear photovoltaic cells use that ambient light to keep the battery constantly charged. And the beautiful, full tone it puts out is exactly what you would expect from Sony. It would be a great addition to a home office, as would the Combi Monitor from Byeong Min Choe.

It’s actually a monitor, printer and scanner all in one, saving you tons of desk space and money on the purchase of several devices. Paper loads right into the back of the monitor, and with touchscreen control you choose what you want printed or scanned.

Finally, if you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen but haven’t turned into the sort of cook you want to be, check out the iChef oven. It’s a true innovation in oven technology, which doesn’t seem to come around that often.

This oven has an on-board computer, which will help you choose the exact dish you want to cook, and the style at which you prefer it. For example, you can cook a pizza and tell the oven that you like the crust extra crispy. It will set the temperature at different levels for different stages of the process to accommodate your requests. And with dozens of built-in recipes, you’ll find the oven is a tool that actually makes you a better cook.

Since kitchens also often make the difference in real estate sales, you can expect the iChef to help greatly when selling a house online.

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Evan Fischer
Evan Fischer is a freelance writer and part-time student at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. He enjoys writing about the latest tech news for a variety of companies and discovering new and innovative gadgets.
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  1. Wilbur Cohen says:

    Good article, Evan!
    Sony Eclipse is very interesting gadget. I think that solar energy is the future of Technology and the Global warming is another proof.
    That’s bad, very difficult to read the text because it is not divided into paragraphs.
    Wilbur Cohen recently posted..How to Respond When Virus Scanner Fails

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