How to get Business Leads Online?

Many online free classifieds websites have millions of visitors from around the world who use them for posting advertisements related to jobs, services, community gigs, sale, entertainment etc.

By using these websites, you can post free ads online and generate leads for your business easily which can help in improving your sales and revenue.

The various steps for getting business leads through free classifieds include:

1. Create a Free Classifieds Account

First you need to open a free account which is very simple process. You just need to enter your username, email address, password and few other details. Once you receive the conformation email from the website, just click on it to activate your account.

2. Choosing the right category to post your Ads

If you want to use these websites for advertisements, then you must choose the specific category where you want to post your ideas. You should choose the category based on service or product that you wish to promote to target audience. You should be very specific and select the exact category to ensure potential customers will reach you. For instance, you cannot post real estate ads in Jobs section.

You must focus on quality of your ads on not the quantity. Other important thing is selecting the region and city where you want to post your ads. If your product or service is based on particular city, it won’t be of use posting ads in a different city other than that. Your leads could be anyone like home buyers, job seekers, used items buyers etc. So, you should post your ads in the particular category.

3. Designing your Advertisements

The advertisement you write should be meaningful, unique and appropriate. This prevents giving direct contact details on the advertisement and if you violate this rule, your ad will be flagged and removed. So, ensure you follow all the terms and conditions before designing your advertisement.

Try to give a catchy and attractive title for your advertisement as this is what all users will see while scanning through list of ads. If you want, you can add hyperlinks to your website. Write genuinely about your service or product, without giving false or unwanted information.

You can give your email address directly or if you want, it can be kept anonymous to ensure privacy and security. Users can reply to you through email address generated by these websites. If you are an online product selling company with multiple locations, you can post your ads in different cities and regions. You can create different ads for different cities, by choosing unique titles, images and fresh content.

4. Posting Your Advertisements

Once you have designed your ads, you can post them in the category and location you want. It’s suggested to post at least once every day during weekdays and once in weekends to get good response rates. Since there are lot of users posting every day, your advertisement will soon go down to bottom of list and there of more chances of it getting unnoticed.

Hence, you should keep posting regularly to generate enough traffic. You can also generate leads by posting meaningful ads among discussion groups where lot of users interact and discuss on specific topics. You can post your ads on forums related to specific product or service that you are promoting and get very good leads through that.

5. Following up and tracking the results

Once you start getting reply from prospective customers, you should follow-up with them regularly to ensure good success. Try to gather important details like email, phone number and type of business requirements. Once you get these details, you can send promotional ads to their emails directly or contact them for giving latest information about your product or service.

You should also keep track of your advertisements by taking into account, how many replies you get for each ad, how many users turn into regular customers and take note of their feedback. You can easily get business leads through free classifieds.

Saurabh Dutta
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