Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Mobile App

Getting into the world of app development is an exciting new frontier that can be a veritable gold mine for many up and coming entrepreneurs.

The most popular apps have earned their developers uncountable riches both from paid downloads in the marketplace and product placement for the true big shots.

There’s no doubt about it; there is serious potential in this market. However, where there is a gold mine there is often an unseen minefield. Avoid taking the wrong steps by keeping these 5 common app development mistakes in mind:

  1. Don’t Get Too Busy
    Your app should be simple, concise, and easy to use. Overly complicated apps are less user friendly, have longer development times, and run slower. Your app should focus on one thing and strive to do that one thing better than any competitors. If you’re designing a game, be keep the controls, scoring, and graphics simple and easy to understand. Remember the game that launch that at-home gaming revolution? It was played by bouncing a ball, not going through hours of epic text and busy controls.
  2. Consider Your Audience
    The audience for mobile apps is different from any other market, and this is in part due to the mobile platform. People use and consume products, apps included, differently when they’re on the go. Your audience wants this app to fulfill its promise in the blink of an eye. Your audience is fast, so your app needs to be fast. If you have an extra screen in between input and output, your audience will find another app that goes faster–that cuts out that extra screen.
  3. Gain Development Experience
    If you’ve never developed a mobile app before, start building up your chops before you start trying to launch products into the marketplace. Try designing a mobile website as your first project. You can even incorporate your app ideas into a mobile website rather easily, developing and refining them with simple updates. When your app is finally ready to go, you’ll have everything you need to launch it at full force.
  4. Ask for Help
    Not every app is designed by a single individual from start to finish. In fact, most are the exact opposite. Creative thinkers and expert coders can join forces to bring a dynamite app to fruition much faster than a single person can. Web design services can offer professional assistance in reaching your goals, and some programmers now specialize in mobile app development. For an investment of a few thousand dollars you can have your app developed professionally in a fraction of the time.
  5. Market Tirelessly
    Once you’ve launched an app in the marketplace, don’t go thinking your work is done. How do you expect your app to be discovered now that it’s out in the world? It’s going to starve to death out there if you don’t help it out. Your app is now a baby, and it’s only going to mature if you can advertise it and gain exposure, so get creative and get your app’s name out there!
Evan Fischer
Evan Fischer is a freelance writer and part-time student at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. He enjoys writing about the latest tech news for a variety of companies and discovering new and innovative gadgets.
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