MeeGo Gets the Go Ahead After All

Do you remember MeeGo? In all the excitement of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, it’s difficult for any other operating system get a look-in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if MeeGo had simply fallen off most people’s radars.

MeeGo is an operating system you’ll have used if you’ve ever handled a Nokia N9 smartphone, or a Nokia 950.

It actually gained quite a lot of praise and popularity through the N9, which was a great little phone, leading many fans to hope it might actually go somewhere.

Well, it didn’t. Not yet, anyway. The MeeGo team members that everybody expected would carry the MeeGo torch left Nokia recently, making it seems like all hope was lost that a fully-fledged MeeGo OS would ever surface again.

However, a young start-up company, Jolla, have had their beady eyes on MeeGo, it seems, because they’ve announced their plans to build a smartphone on the foundations left by MeeGo. The Jolla team includes members who worked on the Nokia N9, so they’ve got the experience, and they seem to have the enthusiasm, too.

The MeeGo used by Jolla won’t look exactly the same as the old Nokia MeeGo, because it’s going to have a brand new user interface and will be based on the partly HTML5-driven Mer Project. The bones of the OS should be pretty similar, though.

Because the phone is being made by a totally separate company to the N9, it’s not going to be an N10 exactly, but there’s hope that it’s going to be somewhat similar to Nokia’s old handset…

That’s because Nokia have recently announced that they’re including Jolla in an incubator program called Bridge, which, in a way, puts the two companies in collaboration with one another.

Nokia will still hold the patents to many of the MeeGo quirks that we know and love from the Nokia N9 handset, and so the power is all Nokia’s when it comes to deciding whether we get to see the MeeGo of the N9 again.

Either way, Jolla say they should have some preliminary offerings for us later this year, and it’s going to be exciting to see what they present. The Nokia N9 is quite a dated handset now, and certainly its own version of MeeGo wouldn’t fare too well in the current market, but my fingers are crossed that Jolla can bring the OS up to date with modern standards.

MeeGo might not be a serious competitor in the market compared to high-end handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, but it might just be able to offer a highly usable OS that takes the budget market by storm.  I don’t know what Jolla have planned, but I’m hoping for good things.

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