How to You Save Your Smartphone Battery Life? 4 Tips to Help You Out

Smartphones are contemporary mobile phones equipped with smart facilities that make most of the activities that are carried out on a computer possible on them.

With high level of performance, playing of music and web surfing – which are usually done on a Smartphone, it’s only natural that the battery runs out faster than the traditional mobile phones.

One average, one would expect a Smartphone that is being heavily used to last no more than 10 hours at a go.

But 10 hours would be considered too little for a user that always uses his/her smartphone on the go – giving them no room to charge their smartphone adequately.

To help users learn how to extend the battery life of their Smartphones, my article will be sharing some tips that can be applied to make a smartphone battery last longer.

Always End Unused Apps

If there’s one thing all Smartphones can do, that is multitasking – which allows you to perform more than one operation at the same time without having to end the other program before another one runs.

While this increases the efficiency of the user and also helps to save time by allowing you to do more than one thing at the same time on your Smartphone, the downside is that it allows your battery to run down quickly because most of the apps are often left running even when they are no-longer in use.

The first step to increase your battery life in this case would be to always ensure you close any application/program you are no longer using before switching to another one.

By doing this, you’re rather killing two birds with one stone: while you’re still efficiently multitasking on your smartphone, you’re still at the same time saving your battery.

Use Eco-Friendly Sound Setting

Everybody is going green nowadays and you can also learn to embrace an Eco-friendly lifestyle by the way you use your smartphone.

This is a systematic way of making your smartphone run on less power and thus save the environment by generating less heat.

To make your smartphone Eco-friendly, you have to start by customizing your music settings to minimize noise which generates heat on your smartphone.

When you customize your smartphone’s music settings to embrace Eco-technology, it’s a sign that you’re appreciating the increasingly popular Green technology that is fast taking track.

Switch Off Wireless Network When Not in Use

Wifi and other radio-active facilities that run on your smartphone consume more of your battery power than any other program would.

You can increase your smartphone’s battery life by modifying the radio/network settings on your Smartphone to make it consume less power.

You should always switch your Wifi off when you are not using it to help you save more battery power. The same also applies to Bluetooth and other radio connections on your smartphone.

Switch Off Your Phone at Night (auto On/Off)

Finally, if you want to save more of your battery power, switching your smartphone off totally at night will go a long way to help. To make this more convenient for you, you can go to the advance settings in your phone to configure your smartphone to go off at a designated time in the night and turn on again in the morning.

Using this option will erase the possibility of your phone not going off at night when you forget to do so manually.
All the tips I’ve illustrated above will help you to save more power on your smartphone’s battery and also make using it become more efficient for you.

James Jorner
This is a guest post contribution from James Jorner who shares his experience on Smartphones and Technology. He also writes for, a site that shares details on quick loans.
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