What Is Known So Far About the iPad Mini

There may be nothing more hotly-anticipated by the tech crowd than the latest releases from Apple. Steve Jobs turned their new product announcements into major press events, and the company continues to roll out exciting upgrades and accessories even after his passing.

Rumors have been flying for months about the upcoming new editions of the massively popular iPhone and iPad, as each are expected to enter the market on September 12th.

Apple has been mum about the upgrades, even as many experts suggest a smaller iPad will compete with leaner, cheaper tablet devices from Amazon and Google.

But while Apple has consistently claimed that shrinking the current iPad from it’s 9.7-inch size down to a 7-inch version similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7, was unnecessary and impractical, rumors are swirling that this is exactly what they plan to do.

Every since the iPad released in 2010, setting the gold standard for tablet devices, the industry has been wondering if they would ever release an iPad Nano or Mini to take advantage of the large market available at a lower price break.

To date it’s been a rumor and nothing else. But Apple is well known for spending a long time in development to make sure they get things right, and the timing of the latest iPad and iPhone versions could end up revealing a shift in their strategy.

Apple has held their product announcement conferences each fall since 2001. That year they launched the iPod, and the music industry has never been the same.

Apple then expanded to twice-yearly events, with the fall dedicated to music offerings and a summer event geared for computers and other technology. But last year the iPhone announcement happened in the fall. Since the iPhone and iPad both perform the same tasks as the iPod but with a myriad of additional features, the original device has fallen by the wayside.

It’s only natural that the fall event would focus on computing, and though Apple has yet to confirm the specifics, the expected launch of the next iPad and iPhone have been confirmed by several various online experts on Apple devices, all of whom have been incredibly reliable in the past.

There has yet to be any sort of consensus reached as to if both devices will be unveiled in September. Only one blog has gone on record saying the smaller iPad will be featured.

But based on Apple’s last quarterly filing, which contained a huge number of prepayments for inventory components, it is clear that the fall will feature a huge new product cycle. So what could the new iPad Mini look like?

Jobs often shot down the idea of a 7-inch tablet, as he believed it would be too difficult for users to navigate. But they may have found a way around that problem.

According to one pundit’s Twitter charts, the iPad Mini would feature a different aspect ratio that the Amazon or Google products, meaning the Mini’s display height would equal the width of the current iPad.

In order to keep the same aspect ratio as the larger version, the Mini’s screen would have to be 7.85-inches diagonally, and would feature a 1024 x 768 resolution.

So even though the iPad Mini would be a similar size as the Kindle Fire, Griffin iPad or Nexus 7, it would actually have 40% more screen.

And the expected launch price of between $249 and $299 would put it right in line to compete with the other devices.

iPad mini Folie

Evan Fischer
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